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This platform is a brainchild of CS. B. K. Tiwari, a professional having experience of 25 years. Although from a different field, he has been emotionally well connected with his clients, friends, relatives and society. During last 25 years he has been helping his associates, friends, relatives, clients in solving social problems, issues arising in their families, and it is only on their advice that this website came into existence. While dealing with and sorting out the problems and issues, he noticed that majority of the problems would not have been so serious had those been shared with someone. It could not happen because the person facing the problem was not prepared to disclose his/ her identity. The main motive to develop this website is to provide a platform where you can share your issues/ problems without disclosing your identity. So, “DARE TO SHARE” and resolve your issues/ problems by discussing the same with others, reading articles/ write ups/ Blogs and/ or seek advice from an expert or our team consisting of professionals from different fields and having a very vast exposure and experience of different aspects of life. This website is developed, maintained and managed by “Vaarta Initiative”, a proprietorship firm, through its duly authorised person(s).

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