Anger is definitely not an option, rather it’s a choice. Anger is an emotion which is reaction to other’s action beyond our expectations. People say that anger is a human’s nature. But I differ from this view. I feel anger is not a human nature. It is more of something which one likes to showcase as dominance over others.

For example: An employee who works in any organization generally gets angry on one or the other reason but he/she controls anger be it on employer or colleagues. If anger is opted here then he/ she might be fired from the job or might face some other consequences. It shows that an individual can always make a choice either to get angry or to be cool and calm. On the contrary, an individual always finds it easy to show anger at his/her family members because we all know that whatsoever the case may be, family will stay and won’t react otherwise or there may not be grave consequences to this.

If given a choice of not showing anger on anyone, be it family, friends, colleagues, unknown person etc., things will still remain the same but it might get more serious if it is opted otherwise. Always give a thought whether you actually need to show anger. There are many live examples in everyone’s life when he/she keeps distance from such persons who show anger every time.

Keeping oneself calm at the time of anger holds the main key. This may not open the locked situation immediately but this may result into a better solution in the time to come.

How to control the anger:

  1. Take a deep breath and exhale the anger.
  2. Spend a time in what you like to do.
  3. Never react on the spot. Mind it, for healthy discussions you need a cool head.

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