A word that has literally destroyed Bharat or Hindustan. A word which made “Bharat”, India. We are the oldest living civilization on this earth. Many religions have vanished from earth, do you know why? Just because of the above-mentioned word “appeasement”.

I know it is hard to believe but it is a truth. If you try to search out the reasons for it, you may find appeasement as a basic and common factor amongst all. Frankly speaking, appeasement is the way, either to keep the other person calm or to pacify him by accepting unreasonable demands, so that some benefit may accrue to you in future.

If you search for the reason, why Britishers left Bharat, you will find that they left Bharat due to fear of Sh. Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army and this fact was duly recorded in the minutes of British Parliament, when the resolution for leaving Bharat was passed. You may ask that if it was so, then why our grandparents / parents have always taught us that we got independence only because of Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Nehru?

Actually, at that time there were no means of communication. Even, there used to be a single telephone and that too only in the office/ residence of the highest government officer of district. In simple words, only the government officials were having access to that communication medium. General public was not having any such facility. For travelling from one village to another bullock carts were used. Very few trains and that too between some major cities were available. Bengal was the Capital of country and people used to go there for doing business or employment. Even the news of death of near and dear ones, used to reach after months and that too only when someone came back to village.

In those days the medium of communication between the government and public was “Munadi”. A person beating drum used to move ahead of another person, announcing the message. So, what happened in the political circles at Calcutta, no one was aware. Public was told, what the powerful and mighty wished to inform.

Neta ji Subash Chandra Bose, who was selected as an I.C.S.at that time, left the job for freedom struggle. He was very intelligent and was fluent in English language. He flew abroad to seek the help of other countries for armed freedom struggle and succeeded in getting favour of six countries. Britishers got afraid of his Indian National Army, because on the one hand he got support of six countries and on the other hand, the Indian soldiers in British Army started revolting. Britishers were afraid that the Indian Soldiers may join Neta ji and in that case, they will be thrown out of country, which will be insulting and bring a disrepute to British Crown. So, they appeased few Indian leaders by offering them lucrative post of Prime Minister and alike. The biggest proof of this is, they formed “Indian National Congress” through their officer A.O. Hume. They also succeeded in dividing the leaders on religious basis and resultantly two countries, India and Pakistan were formed. Britishers were well aware that if they will hand over the power to Mr. Bose, they will not be able to divide Bharat and to take any undue advantage.

The greed for power and selfishness was so heavy that the so called “Ganga- Jamuni tehjib”, which you might be hearing nowadays, went to hell and Bharat stood divided. Although, Mr. Vallabh Bhai Patel was unanimously elected as president by INC executive but Mr. Gandhi, for the reasons known to him, favoured Nehru to be first the PM.

That British policy of divide and rule was thoroughly adopted by INC in letter and spirit. In beginning there was no challenge for them but as the time passed, other intelligent and daring persons like Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shashtri came into picture. When it became evident that they might lose power, the game of dividing and appeasing started. First and foremost was to appease Muslim community, although till date no good has been done to them. Then, the game of dividing Hindu / Muslim started. It worked for 15 years and again another plan to divide the Hindus on caste basis started. Further, it went on to SC/ST/OBC and like.

If you carefully study the whole gamut of event, you will find that every time, whenever there was any threat to resuming power, a new division took place. Appeasement was of such a high level that, those appeased become the biggest looser and interestingly, they are not aware of that fact till date. Allowing minorities to teach their religious books in their educational institutions and banning the same for Hindus was one of such examples. Launching various schemes citing unreasonable reasons, Garibi Hatao, then reservation to this caste and to another caste next time and so on and so forth. The biggest game of appeasement was played in 1989 in the name of “Mandal Commission” whereby reservation was given to certain castes but it has not benefitted them till date. The reason is rich and capable person of those castes are getting jobs and those who are poor are unable to take any benefit. Had it not been an appeasement policy, it should have been made on economic basis.

The root cause of whatever problems we are facing today lies in the appeasement policies being implemented by the past governments and now it has taken such a bad shape that if someone tries to set it right; threat of large-scale riots is looming over the country. So, the only way out is to create awareness about disadvantages of reservation on caste basis, among the people at large. Free education and coaching for competitive exams may be an alternative instead of appeasement policies, which are causing loss not only to concerned persons but to the nation at large.   

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