Are you all happy? You have no choice. I have something to tell you. How many of you buy rotten fruits and vegetables at home? No one. How many of you intake expiry date eatables? No one. Everyone eats fresh, pure fruits and vegetables. If it’s good, you buy it else you leave it. Same is with life. If people criticize you, listen to them. If it is good, take it. If it is not good for you, just leave it or ignore. You should not lose the equanimity, stability in you. Keep your heart soft, intellect sharp and mind pleasant. Be with it. Give me all your worries. It is useless worrying about somebody, worrying about your job, or worrying about this and that. By worrying you are not going to get anything. Move ahead with the confidence that I will get what I want in my life. Challenges come in everyone’s life, but just move on and see, everything will fall into place.

Sri Sri Ravishanker ji

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