The crux of theme here is our great nation and national interests propelled by the idea propounded by Swami Ram Tirath, the great Saint of this land and further strongly endorsed by the learned Saint Vivekanand ji i.e. “the mother and motherland are higher than even the heaven itself’’.

Anything which is against the national interest or causing damage to the nation in any shape must be dealt with quite deterrently without any least leniency whether it is a matter of crimes, criminals, anti-nationals, tax evaders, smugglers and/or those falling under the definition of sedition/seditious acts. ‘’A seditious act, speech or piece of writing encourages people to fight against or oppose the government.’’ Such crimes are punishable v/s 124-A of I.P.C. and also under laws like Misa etc.

It is shocking to observe that corruption is extensively rampant everywhere in almost all spheres causing incalculable loss/damage of revenue to the nation. For such purposes and to achieve full safe guard of our national interest, as also to deal with all types of crimes, the Enforcement Department needs to be strongly re-enforced and practical achievement ought to be our target without prevailing undue and unavoidable red-tapism.

It is observed that there are such rascal, nefarious elements moving freely and fearlessly under the probable garb of freedom of expression enshrined in our constitution whereas the reality is that such elements as stated above cannot seek any exemption in case of seditious acts and they are liable to thrusted into jails in order to protect the national interest. Nobody can be permitted to utter anything nonsense, rubbish or against our nation and Pro- Pakistan or any enemy of this nation or against the Worthy Prime Minister of the nation or the great dignitary like any Army Chief etc. Such news is usually seen/heard on T.V. in routine but no avail. This factor is utmost serious and demands rapid and stringent legal action by the government to curb the anti-nationals.

Media persons may give thought to the truth that Rahul Gandhi never came across his predecessor Pt. Nehru, the then Prime Minister of independent India who had generated the Horrendous problem of J&K and had also got defeated by China losing thereby so big i.e. thousands of acres of our land to China during the year 1962 as he hardly knew the bravery to fight a battle for his love to only let off the white pigeon in the sky. Mr. Rahul is ignorant of the truth and hence he can claim pardon for his filthy and senseless utterances even against most respectables.

Moreover, he could not inherit likely the rich cultural heritage of our mother-land and the high ideals, spirituals, ethical and moral values too by dint of his mother being a migrant from Italy and the Indian nationhood having being thrust upon her cannot be considered justifiable that she may or may not have sublime spirit/sentiments for our motherland. She could have passed on to her progeny only what she possessed. No doubt, it was her moral duty to prevent her kid from behaving in such ugly and sordid manner or from using uncultured/filthy manners. Calling the worthy Army Chief as roadside Goonda and the Worthy Prime Minister of our Nation as ‘’chor’’ and worm of dirty drain can certainly be not only condemned but force Mr. Rahul to find himself placed in predicament or much more troublesome situation. Even honestly asked/questioned, even his flatterers may tell him not to use the media T.V. etc. by such most unfair, foul and ill-mannered means just to display his political survival. Let us wish a sense of sanity may prevail upon him. He must certainly avoid such wrongful, false and nasty things which might relate back to the time even earlier than his advent here in this world.

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