And so, the story unfolds; she was a little bud

away from the light, afraid of its bright

but then… there was a hum in the air.

a hum of love, energy, and care

She felt the tender warmth of… them

(A yellow beam of sunlight)

As the bees buzzed about her

they prodded her to move forward

to keep her head held high

She felt nurtured and her stem crept upwards

because she always felt their presence-

giving her comfort and confidence

she let her leaf blades unfurl.

Bountiful, no longer that little bud…

She did everything she thought she didn’t think she could.

And just like that you can bloom, however hard the circumstances may be. Don’t succumb to the negative chaos around you- pull yourself out. Don’t get trapped in a vicious negative cycle in your head.

In these cases, people are key. Get away from the ones that pull you down. AND move towards the ones radiating warmth. Don’t doubt yourself one bit because:

There ARE people out there who will understand you

There ARE people out there who will WANT to talk to you and to listen to you.

There ARE people out there who will help you… so reach out

Know your worth, always. Just like a plant in your balcony, enrich yourself. Your environment is vital to maintain a good mental space, which will translate into your actions. Surround yourself with positivity- be selective with who you let in to your space.

-And sometimes… it’s just important to remind yourself about these things.

So, what next? Get out there! -and do the things you’ve been holding yourself back from. Observe yourself: Where do you thrive? Around whom do you feel uplifted? What makes you happy? Then let it in… embrace it.

Focus on the good. Do good. -and so you shall bloom.

-Anika Krishna

She comes flooding, rushing, gushing in

-frothing and humming with life

She draws me in.

She calls me.

a leap here and a swirl of deep dark blue somewhere

I walk to her,

surrender myself to her,

swim in her,

and then drown in her.

I caress the cool but warm body

I snuggle in the blanket of comfort that she has become

I reach, but – Wait!

She’s going.



Wait! Stop! I grasp and fumble after her

Her water pulls back fast and unyielding

naked, I stand. Feeling the surge of emptiness that she’s left behind

There’s nothing to salvage

The grainy plane of sand left behind: the only painfully prickly sign of her absent presence

I look at her go

But as I do, my feet tingle.

My feet sink in the grainy plane as my toe wriggles in it

-the empty ‘scape now feels smooth beneath me

A new canvas perhaps?

But just as I bend down to touch it

Another wave hits me

Another wave– it floods me and my mind. it knocks me off

Uncontrollable but steady, dancing to her own beat and internal rhythm

Her: incessant change

All I can do is sway with it… in and out

in and out

in and out