If you see all the religions of world, you will find that Sanatan Dharma is the most tolerant and lenient because we follow the principles of “Vasudev Kutambhkam” and that’s why we welcomed everyone. People came to Bharat in the name of doing business and later on betrayed and encroached on our land. They partly succeeded in defeating some of our kings due to many reasons few of which were; weak kings in some states, non-unity amongst rulers of different States, excessive tolerance and avoiding the apparent threats, treating and considering everyone of high moral values and trustworthy etc.

Above all the main reasons were our religious sentiments and cultural values. In Sanatan philosophy we believe in respecting others, specifically we treated “Atithiti Devo Bhav:” and provided status of God to our guest because of which we never doubted the integrity of visitors coming to our country. Seeing our simplicity, hospitality and weaknesses, such visitors dared to think about capturing our country. At that time Bharat was not united and different kings were ruling various states. Transportation facilities were not available and hence friendship amongst kings were restricted up to neighboring States only. The only medium of communication or sending information was through messengers and which used to take a lot of time. So, whenever invaders attacked some state, sending message and seeking help from friendly states could not happen early and hence we lost states one by one. Only capable and brave kings could win and save their states.

It is pertinent to mention here that biggest lie of the world i.e. Mughals ruled Bharat for 800 years was taught to us, which is totally false. Communist writers wrote such false history just to demoralize us. If you search you will find that the Mughals never ruled whole of Bharat at any point of time. Although they ruled Delhi but even at that time there were many kings who were ruling bigger states or areas. Mughals could not win the whole of Bharat and the areas under their rule was scattered and kept changing hands.

This false lie created a fear amongst the mind of people as if Mughals were much powerful whereas the reality was they won maximum battles due to betrayal of our people only. After independence the communist lobby which wrote the history books just praised Mughals and Britishers and down played the role of our brave rulers. When you don’t know the true history of your great warriors/ancestors you cannot fight with liars.

Tolerance is an integral part of our culture and fear does not hold any place. We remained unaware and this tolerance converted into unseen fear with the passage of time. Actually, our upbringing was such that we never fought with any one because we followed varn system in which only kshatriya were supposed to be fighters. This mentality resulted into making us fearful and on the other hand the false stories narrating others as heroes had also impacted our mindset.

Though we have taught our children the stories of Dwarkadheesh (Lord Krishna who narrated Gita) and his preaching’s about non-tolerance of excesses of any sort but what our ancestors did? They taught us stories of Kanhaiya playing flute and dancing with Gopis. A person’s personality reflects his upbringing and whatever he sees during his childhood becomes part of his personality. The fighting spirit of our great warriors could not be inculcated into coming generations due to wrong interpretations of our sculptures.

The flaw in personality showed it’s impact at the time of independence when great visionary like Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar asked for whole transfer of population and another greedy leader preferred to just grab the power chair instead of listening him. One wrong decision can make the life hell is apparent today as we see the dominance and aggression of a particular community which instead of being thankful, is preparing to divide the country again.

They are behaving like a naughty child who is pampered by parents for every wrong act. Now to control that child you need to shed your fear and tolerance and show your bravery without which nothing will happen. Every one respect only a powerful person. You will rarely find anyone respecting a weak person.

Unless you show your bravery these illiterate and uneducated people will not refrain from committing sins. Once you show your power/ strength they will sit silently until they acquire majority and once they are in majority there will be no place for you in your own country. They are claiming every right saying they ruled the country for 800 years and we don’t counter them even though our ancestors were here since time immortal.

You have every right to disagree but the truth is that your tolerance is considered as your weakness and fear. Tolerance does have some limits and the day it crossed the limits there will be hue and cry only. So, it is better to control the things before they become worst. If you want to give your children a peaceful place to live you will have to act now.

Another problem with us is we being law abiding citizens expect the same from everyone whereas the other party does not believe in that philosophy, which they are clearly and openly saying again and again and you have closed your eyes.

Are the statements of one leader called Akbarrudin Owaisi from Hyderabad asking for removal of police for 10 minutes to show their strength to Hindus, Maullana Madni openly saying in media briefing that they will demolish the Ram Temple, immediately after Supreme Court judgement and the actions of some leaders during Delhi and Bangalore riots not enough to open your eyes and even after watching exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, condition of Hindus in Mewat, Kairana, Dasna, West Bengal, Kerala etc.?

If you don’t wake up from your deep slumber even now then note it that no one will be there to save you. Don’t expect everything to be done by the Government because it will not be possible to control this unruly mob unless you take the responsibility to save yourself. Even the constitution of India gives you liberty to act in self-defense and save your precious life. I don’t ask for doing anything against anyone. I just want to tell you to ensure safety of your family and to take every necessary step in that direction so that at the time of need you don’t feel helpless as the people of Delhi or Bangalore felt during riots.

The community which have weapons in every home for preparing their daily dishes needs nothing extra to save themselves but what about you? In your house you cannot find a knife to slice apple even what to talk of self-defense. In old times people used to have sticks in their homes to control animals but today you cannot find it in any house.

Most importantly please send your children to self-defense coaching classes so that atleast they are able to save themselves in case of any exigency. My motive is not to provoke anyone or against any particular community but this is just to awaken you to make arrangements so as to save youself and your family, keeping in view the recent incidents.


In the present circumstances where Covid 19 has disturbed the whole country, everyone is finding it difficult to predict the future course of action. The major cause of concern is financial problem. Many people have lost their jobs, businesses have also suffered a great set back and everyone is worried.  You might find it difficult to accept but let me tell you that this position will be changed and happy days will be back. Although it may not happen within a short while but rest assured October onwards you will find that the things will not deteriorate further and will start improving. From January onwards we may feel some visible positive movement in some sectors.

Actually, what happens when such pandemic like things occur? Everyone stops spending money. We spend very carefully on daily needs only. But even during this pandemic there are people who have earned a lot and you all know that. During such times money circulation gets disturbed and it gets accumulated in a few hands. As the nature of money is to keep flowing and to change hands but during pandemic it remains stuck up at one place for long time and same thing has happened this time also.

In 2007 there was recession all over the world and the public got scared due to which there was shortage of money in market. But that situation changed earlier than predicted. The reason was that we were a developing country. Even today we are developing country and hence, the things will roll out. In simple words, when the gravity of Covid 19 will reduce, those who have earned a lot of money during this tenure will start spending it either for purchasing luxury items to uplift their standard to another level or they will invest the same somewhere else. In any case, it has to come out. As soon as it will come out in circulation, the things will start moving towards normalcy.

Many of them will start new ventures, particularly in view of ban on imports from China, there will be lot of demand for normal goods. This demand will motivate those rich people to invest in new ventures which will create jobs and improve the money circulation. Secondly, with the improvement in conditions, everyone having money will start spending it instead of keeping it in safe custody.

What I forsee is not as bad as we are feeling today. As the Covid 19 fear will reduce, things will take a big turnaround.  So, we need to think positive. Another reason for me to think in this manner is ban on Chinese imports and the Government’s proposal to boost make in India products. Many youngsters have started new ventures even during this pandemic. The number of Companies incorporated during the month of July 2020 is more than last year and it also shows a ray of hope. The need of hour is not to feel demoralize rather to think about encashing the opportunities lying ahead.

Our business community must think about starting or increasing their exports. The domestic demand is to be met by local businessmen as Chinese goods will no longer be available. So, get ready for coming bright future and pass this pandemic time in innovating ideas or thinking about new strategies of marketing. Best of luck to all Indians.

Be good, be safe and be positive.


Profession is considered as more dignified than business because one can enter into it only after acquiring specific qualification, whereas business can be started by anyone anytime. That is the reason, professionals get respect everywhere. Here, some may feel that it is not true, it is true subject to the condition, what matters more for you, money or dignity and respect. In every profession, we can find people with much money and people with more respect. Those who give preference to dignity and respect may be not earn much money, as compared to those who prefer money to dignity and respect. So, it is always individual’s perspective of viewing the success. The criteria for evaluating success, differs from person to person. Some people think that having more money means more success and some feels otherwise. Whatever may be the criteria of evaluating success, what matters at the end is people’s perception about your profession. Both type of professionals is responsible in building the image of profession. Such image, decides the future prospects of coming generations.

In today’s competitive environment every professional is facing great difficulties in settling down. May it be Company Secretary, Advocate, Chartered Accountant, M.B.A, Engineer or else. Every youngster completing his professional course expects a job, offering good salary package. Few merit holders of each profession get campus placement and the remaining keep struggling. There are various reasons for this but here I am restricting myself to the deficiencies / obstacles, which the professional themselves can remove. To my knowledge and understanding, those are as follows:


Our education system has some basic problems. We teach students to become an expert of specific field, rather than making them a good professional and human being first.In the race of obtaining highest marks, the students try to learn the subject instead of understanding the same. A person whose basic concepts are clear, is better placed than a person who just learns the subject because the first person is in better position to tackle or handle the adverse position, spontaneously. A person who just learns the subject will get demoralized, when any ticklish question is put to him/ her during interview.

Such raising of child does not allow his/ her best to come out because he/ she is prepared to reply the questions in the defined manner only and hence he/ she never thinks out of box. Such person can be easily demotivated and gets frustrated while facing even small issues as he/ she is never trained to face complicated issues/ problems.

The abovementioned qualifications make a person specific field expert and hence he/ she keeps looking for job in that specific field. Professionals, who have not kept themselves restricted to the bookish knowledge are more successful in life because they prepare themselves to face adverse situation of any kind. Such person adjust himself/ herself according to requirements of employer.

So, every professional must try to acquire working knowledge of every subject which is related to his/ her field.


Training plays a pivotal role in the making of a professional. While selecting your trainer or institution you must make sure that it will provide you the required exposure. Although, there is limitation with every trainer and institution. They cannot provide you training in all the fields. Before starting training, you must make your mind about the field which you would like to pursue, primarily. After deciding the field, you must find out the best available trainers/ institutions, which can impart you training. Before joining training, enquire about the image & environment of that institution, nature of boss and staff, exposure available there. For this you can meet the trainees who have undergone training there.

Training means practical exposure to work which you learn in books. Don’t think that you will be fed like a child during training rather be prepared to do the work yourself. Put maximum effort in studying and doing the assignment yourself instead of asking others. Try to do as much of variety of work as you can. The more you do, the more you learn. Always take responsibility of work, even if it goes wrong. Those who try to shift the blame on others, suffer big failures in life. Don’t be afraid of mistakes but at the same time try to rectify them on your own. Remember that it’s not bad to make mistake, just make sure that you don’t make the same mistake again and again.

Training is the most important part of professional as it will shape his career. Future job prospects also depend upon it. So, you must treat it as the most important part of a professional’s life and take the decision accordingly.


You must respect your trainer. Don’t take this lightly. Respect does not mean what you pretend on face, it means what you feel by heart. Join training only under that professional whom you respect by heart. If you respect a person by heart, you take him seriously. During training, there are many things which the trainer tells you only when he feels, that you respect him. Even when you pretend that you respect him, he is aware about the truth. This smartness causes loss to the trainee only.

Another thing is, be friendly with colleagues, even if you have more qualification or degrees or you belong to a rich family. Your elegant behaviour will be beneficial for you and your rude or arrogant behaviour will cause loss to you only. In any case, the loss suffered during training, will be irreparable but you can avoid it, simply by following the above advice.


The new generation lacks patience. They just try to compete with their friends and relatives. They see how much salary has been offered to their friends or relatives and even the parents keep reminding them about the success stories of such children. Such a comparison makes the life of professional more miserable. Every one cannot get the same start or opening because of difference in their attitude, thinking, perspective, intelligence, behaviour, talent, strength, weaknesses etc. One who gets lower start in beginning may excel later on in career and another who gets higher start initially may not maintain the same pace later on. Every person who has some qualities does get recognition and reward. In some cases, it may come sooner whereas in other cases it may come later. So, one must perform his duty diligently and sincerely with patience, which is must for every professional.          


The new generation does not pay attention in recognizing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Though, every professional read this statement many times during his / her studies but forget to apply the same to himself/ herself. They learn this statement but fail to understand it and this is what I want to convey. Since, they only learn this statement, they fail to take it’s benefit even for themselves. Had they understood this statement in true sense, they would not have faced such problems, today. 

So before entering into practical life, every professional must evaluate himself/ herself on the above scale and then choose the field accordingly. Moreover, evaluation of selected field on above parameter must also be done, to be successful. Your teachers, trainers, parents, friends and relatives can help you in identifying these qualities. Don’t be in hurry. Take your time before entering into practical world because once you enter there, your every movement will be noticed.


The professionals restrict themselves and that’s why they keep looking for a job in a particular field. A Company Secretary keep himself restricted to Company Law and never think of doing job in Accounts, Taxation, GST, Customs, IPR’s etc. An advocate keep himself restricted to civil or criminal matters and does not think of working in other fields such as taxation, customs, IPRs etc. Same is the position of other professionals.

When a professional will carry out the SWOT analysis of himself/herself alongwith that of selected field, he/ she will certainly have more options to choose from. Try to make yourself versatile. A versatile professional gets settled easily. So, if you have missed the chance of becoming versatile during training, then have patience and learn other things to make yourself versatile and competent to be able to fit in more job profiles.


The new generation prepares himself from job perspective only. They never think of or plan to do practice or business. A professional who prepares himself from both angles is more successful because he is mentally prepared for both options and while being in job, he gathers experience of doing business also. Such person does not keep himself restricted to the work assigned to him rather keeps his eyes and ears open to learn and understand other things also. He tries to learn the work assigned to other employees and thus gain knowledge of an additional field.


Although, money matters for everyone but in my opinion, if you are more money minded then you should not join a profession rather go for business because in that field money is the major criteria and ethics comes at last. Even in that field, those who do business ethically, earns not only respect rather become a brand in the market. For starting business there is no need for undergoing training and thus you need not wait for earning profits/ income. In profession you should not expect earnings during your training period. It is a learning period for you, during which you must try to gain the maximum knowledge and experience, which will help you in earning money, later on. I have seen professionals, who were more money minded, have either spoiled their career or have no respect in profession even after earning lot of money. So, my sincere advice to the budding professionals is to concentrate on building reputation first, money will follow automatically.

Further every professional must treat himself as a student, if he wishes to succeed in life. Those who after obtaining degree starts feeling that they have become professional loses the race and those who keep learning excel, in later part of life.

The above suggestions are applicable to trainees as well as to those who are in job. In my opinion and according to my experience, if someone follows the above suggestions he will be benefitted definitely.

Hope every reader will find this article to be beneficial. If you find this article to be beneficialthen please give your feedback.

I will write the next article on “How to Start Practicing a Profession” only, if I will receive a positive feedback from the readers.


China, a country ruled by communists which don’t respect human rights and has isolated itself from the whole world, is considered to be responsible for spreading the deadliest virus called COVID 19. It is the most dangerous virus since 1920, taking toll of more than 0.5 million people till date. It is a non-friendly country which believes in hiding information and wants to rule the world through unethical practices. No person living in China can freely express his views or opinion. The doctor who spoke about Covid 19 was found dead, immediately after his video went viral. So, you can very well imagine, what type of country China is. Besides this, China has expansionist policies. It is trying to grab the land of all the countries, sharing borders with it. That is why, a few months ago it tried to intrude in Doklam and now in Galwan in Ladakh valley. All thanks to God. This time we have a powerful person like Mr. Narendra Modi, to deal with this demon country.

Due to Galwan misadventure of China, in which our 20 army men martyred, the public decided to boycott Chinese goods. Keeping in view the Public sentiments, the Government has also initiated the process to find the goods which can be banned or on which anti-dumping duties can be imposed.

With the Central Government banning 59 Chinese Apps, the process of boycotting Chinese goods has started. I am of the opinion that we shall not import anything from China, except the things which are direly needed and without which we cannot survive. Moreover, in case we have any other option available, as compared to the Chinese goods, though costly, should be preferred by all of us. For goods of general use, without which we can afford to live, should not be imported at all.

We know it is very difficult to stop each and everything but at the same time we need to differentiate between want and necessity. Only the things which are necessity should be imported and that too if no other alternative is available to us. We should buy or use the alternative, even if it is costly and should treat the extra cost as our contribution towards nation’s security. We cannot go to borders to fight for country and thus spending a few rupees extra to buy Indian goods in preference to Chinese goods will be our contribution.

Here the businessmen and importers also have a very crucial role to play. They are the person who brought these Chinese goods in India and made a market for them. Initially, they were priced at very low rates and when the public started buying them, they raised the rates. Presently, we are buying everything almost at the same prices at which Indian goods were available with the only difference that during this time the Indian manufacturer has been wiped out of the market in this dummy price war. China played a havoc with us. They captured our whole market leaving millions of people unemployed. Our rural products and markets have been wiped out, completely. Due to rise in import of cheap goods from China, many industries in India were forced to shut down, many kutir udyog, gram udyog, micro and small industries were also shut down resulting in massive unemployment.

Actually, this has not happened in a year or two. It is a result of our wrong policies initiated long ago, in the name of liberalisation of economy without proper planning. We have followed the economic policies of so-called well-educated economist, who had knowledge of world economy but nil understanding and knowledge about Indian economy. They failed to plan a thorough policy keeping in view the Indian perspective, wherein the rural and gram and kutir udyog needed to be saved.

Indian economy, which at some point of time before the Mughal invaders came in, had a massive share in world trade of more than 30{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} which started reducing during the invader’s and Britisher’s rule. Even after getting independence, our leaders at that time were so impressed with European culture that they never thought of promoting Indian culture or goods, rather concentrated on running India in western style. This policy of ignoring Indian goods and preferring the European goods proved very costly to us because we started importing more goods than our exports. This trade deficit in long run forced us to open our economy for outsiders, who came in and ruined our rural, gram and kutir udyog. Had proper attention been paid, at that time, to our gram and kutir udyog which included hand crafts, plantation of herbs and ayurvedic medicines, we would have become a super power by now. Our economy was agriculture based and we used to export foodgrains, pulses, spices, herbs and medicinal plants to the Middle East, European and other countries. Our government badly failed to promote our specialities and to modernise them. No research was done on ayurvedic and herbal medicines otherwise it would have provided the best substitute to allopathy system of medicine, which has maximum side effects. Instead of promoting our products abroad, the government started copying the west and promoted manufacturing of items which were used there.

So, the step by step fall of Indian economy started with Mughal invaders, Britishers, then wrong policies of our First PM Mr. Nehru (who was fond of western culture) who never liked Indian Culture but became PM even at the cost of dividing India into two parts. It was only Mrs. Indira Gandhi who had some understanding of Indian culture and that’s why the green revolution was brought in. Later on, the wrong policies in the name of liberalisation made us suffer a lot. For unknown reasons, import of those goods was also allowed which were produced in India. Anti-dumping duties were either removed or reduced to the extent that Indian goods proved costly as compared to imported and the result of which is before us.

At one point of time in 1989, the foreign exchange reserve had fallen to the lowest level and there was a necessity of bringing in the foreign exchange. That was the time when some wrong decisions were taken, for the reasons better known to them only. Liberalisation of economy was a necessity but allowing unregulated imports, by reducing import duties and that too on goods which were manufactured in India, proved fatal for Indian Industry. Instead of supporting the industry in modernisation and upgradation, the government allowed import by reducing the duty to minimum.

The government’s decision to open the economy without considering the future of Indian Industry and particularly the labour-intensive industries, just on the basis of flimsy assumptions, without proper and thorough planning to save and promote Indian products in world market, its long term impacts on the country’s financial position, went wrong to such extent that reversing their bad impact will take years to come.

Now, in present position, we are heavily dependent on Chinese raw material, machinery and finished goods that it is next to impossible to stop importing everything from China. Those who were and are praising the former economist being the most intelligent and brilliant person, should come forward and tell us the way out. Even the most surprising fact is that the China had grabbed a piece of land even during the tenure of that so-called intelligent economist being PM of our country and he could not understand, even in that situation the level of threat India could face, in future.

To make India a super power, fight the tough competition and to price our products genuinely, we need to take few steps to reduce the cost, such as:

  1. Improve the work culture to increase the productivity through dedication.
  2. Minimise the number of holidays, which at present is very high.
  3. Stop distributing freebies due to which either the government imposes more tax or it has lesser amount in hand to support the industry.
  4. Reduce the transportation costs by developing industrial clusters or corridors.
  5. Industrial associations must utilise the government funded schemes for developing common R & D facilities.
  6. Industrial houses must support the young talent in carrying out R & D.
  7. To open Skill development centres on large-scale, as per industry needs.
  8. Technological upgradation in every industry to increase output.
  9. More attention on planting herbs and medicinal plants.
  10. Maximise investment in Ayurvedic Research to minimise dependence on Allopathy.
  11. Develop the tourist spots, throughout India, through PPP mode.
  12. Providing international marketing platform for Handicraft items, items manufactured in our small villages.
  13. Last but not the least, we understand that a country has to enter into various treaties and agreements being a member of various international organisations and therefore, certain things can’t be restricted by the government but we, as a citizen, can always make a choice while buying goods. And here lies the biggest responsibility on our shoulders as a responsible and diligent citizen.

Above are the few points which may be helpful in making India a self-reliant country which would suo motu bring employment opportunities, removal of poverty, increase in literacy, etc., etc. and then we will not be far away from becoming a super power.


The basic Sanatan philosophy followed the culture and tradition as prescribed by the four Vedas which cover all aspects of life and tells how todeal with problems and situations. Till we followed the Vedas in true letter and spirit, we were world leaders in every field and that was the reason, why everyone wanted to capture our country. Our country was rich in everything. May it be precious stones, herbs, culture and tradition, science and technology, types of food grains, natural beauty, hills, rivers, forest or anything else you mention. Not even at that time, but today also, if you compare our country with world’s any country you will find that we have plenty of resources which can make us world power, if utilized properly and honestly.

If you see the world’s powerful nations, you will find that they can’t enjoy four seasons, variety of food grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, natural beauty, number of languages spoken, number of religions and above all the emotional bonding we enjoy here in India. That’s why the foreigners visiting India, love to visit again. 

The only reason, we lagged behind is corruption and dishonesty which prompts a person to betray his own persons. We have heard various stories of demons, from our parents. Since, the beginning of human life on earth, demons have been there,in one form or the other. Hrinaya Kashyap, Ravan, Kans and alikes were alwaysthere. What changed was only the name. Even in old times people used to betray their relatives for the sake of kingdom. The greed takes away honesty and makes the person corrupt.

The Mughal invaders succeeded to enter India only due to greedy, selfish, dishonest and corrupt persons. Many kings of those days, preferred to allay with mughals instead of supporting Indian rulers just because of jealousy or greed. Had our countrymen been honest, no one could have entered here. If you check out the past of these Mughals, they were only dacoits. They came to India witha few armed people, just as beggars and not having proper cloths to wear, even. They succeeded in entering India just because of betrayal of some greedy, selfish and corrupt people.

When the Britishers entered India they also adopted the same policy of taking help of such dishonest people. Britishers could have been thrown out of India in 1857 itself, had those freedom fighters been not betrayed by some selfish people. Even at the time of Independence, India suffered the jolt of partition just due to such selfish and greedy people. Just think, why India was partitioned?The reason given for partition was that the two different cultures, who have entirely different lifestyles, can’t remain together. If this was the reason, then why the whole community did not leave India?

It was a great conspiracy against our country and we were be fooled by some persons, whom we trusted the most. If even after partition, the large section of that community was not ready to go there then, why the partition was done and if the partition was inevitable then the entire community must have gone there. But no, the reason was not two different communities rather it was also a result of greed and selfishness of two persons and the third one played a vital negative role because he disrespected the opinion of all other leaders, to please two persons.

That greed, selfishness, corruption continued as one family has considered the country as their ancestral property. We are so blind that we never questioned, how that family got billions of rupees even though none of them does any work in his/ her life. They are living a lavish life like king. The government of India took over majority of assets of all the rulers and, this family became a sole ruler of India, how? Just because of their loyalty to British emperor. Not only this family, even all other near and dear ones became billionaires without doing anything. The level of corruption was so huge that you can’t even imagine. If you wish to know the truth just check out the past of these leaders and see how they have grown. The greed, selfishness, dishonesty and corruption are the reasons due to which we are unable to compete with the world.

The person offering bribe is equally guilty like the person accepting bribe. So, we also have to discourage offering bribe. We need a movement like swachh bharat to eradicate corruption and before alleging others, we must make ourselves honest. The day we all will decide to act honestly in our day today life the whole battle will be won and we will march towards becoming the world power.


A word that has literally destroyed Bharat or Hindustan. A word which made “Bharat”, India. We are the oldest living civilization on this earth. Many religions have vanished from earth, do you know why? Just because of the above-mentioned word “appeasement”.

I know it is hard to believe but it is a truth. If you try to search out the reasons for it, you may find appeasement as a basic and common factor amongst all. Frankly speaking, appeasement is the way, either to keep the other person calm or to pacify him by accepting unreasonable demands, so that some benefit may accrue to you in future.

If you search for the reason, why Britishers left Bharat, you will find that they left Bharat due to fear of Sh. Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army and this fact was duly recorded in the minutes of British Parliament, when the resolution for leaving Bharat was passed. You may ask that if it was so, then why our grandparents / parents have always taught us that we got independence only because of Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Nehru?

Actually, at that time there were no means of communication. Even, there used to be a single telephone and that too only in the office/ residence of the highest government officer of district. In simple words, only the government officials were having access to that communication medium. General public was not having any such facility. For travelling from one village to another bullock carts were used. Very few trains and that too between some major cities were available. Bengal was the Capital of country and people used to go there for doing business or employment. Even the news of death of near and dear ones, used to reach after months and that too only when someone came back to village.

In those days the medium of communication between the government and public was “Munadi”. A person beating drum used to move ahead of another person, announcing the message. So, what happened in the political circles at Calcutta, no one was aware. Public was told, what the powerful and mighty wished to inform.

Neta ji Subash Chandra Bose, who was selected as an I.C.S.at that time, left the job for freedom struggle. He was very intelligent and was fluent in English language. He flew abroad to seek the help of other countries for armed freedom struggle and succeeded in getting favour of six countries. Britishers got afraid of his Indian National Army, because on the one hand he got support of six countries and on the other hand, the Indian soldiers in British Army started revolting. Britishers were afraid that the Indian Soldiers may join Neta ji and in that case, they will be thrown out of country, which will be insulting and bring a disrepute to British Crown. So, they appeased few Indian leaders by offering them lucrative post of Prime Minister and alike. The biggest proof of this is, they formed “Indian National Congress” through their officer A.O. Hume. They also succeeded in dividing the leaders on religious basis and resultantly two countries, India and Pakistan were formed. Britishers were well aware that if they will hand over the power to Mr. Bose, they will not be able to divide Bharat and to take any undue advantage.

The greed for power and selfishness was so heavy that the so called “Ganga- Jamuni tehjib”, which you might be hearing nowadays, went to hell and Bharat stood divided. Although, Mr. Vallabh Bhai Patel was unanimously elected as president by INC executive but Mr. Gandhi, for the reasons known to him, favoured Nehru to be first the PM.

That British policy of divide and rule was thoroughly adopted by INC in letter and spirit. In beginning there was no challenge for them but as the time passed, other intelligent and daring persons like Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shashtri came into picture. When it became evident that they might lose power, the game of dividing and appeasing started. First and foremost was to appease Muslim community, although till date no good has been done to them. Then, the game of dividing Hindu / Muslim started. It worked for 15 years and again another plan to divide the Hindus on caste basis started. Further, it went on to SC/ST/OBC and like.

If you carefully study the whole gamut of event, you will find that every time, whenever there was any threat to resuming power, a new division took place. Appeasement was of such a high level that, those appeased become the biggest looser and interestingly, they are not aware of that fact till date. Allowing minorities to teach their religious books in their educational institutions and banning the same for Hindus was one of such examples. Launching various schemes citing unreasonable reasons, Garibi Hatao, then reservation to this caste and to another caste next time and so on and so forth. The biggest game of appeasement was played in 1989 in the name of “Mandal Commission” whereby reservation was given to certain castes but it has not benefitted them till date. The reason is rich and capable person of those castes are getting jobs and those who are poor are unable to take any benefit. Had it not been an appeasement policy, it should have been made on economic basis.

The root cause of whatever problems we are facing today lies in the appeasement policies being implemented by the past governments and now it has taken such a bad shape that if someone tries to set it right; threat of large-scale riots is looming over the country. So, the only way out is to create awareness about disadvantages of reservation on caste basis, among the people at large. Free education and coaching for competitive exams may be an alternative instead of appeasement policies, which are causing loss not only to concerned persons but to the nation at large.   

EGO, a word which is generally used by everyone, whenever there is a dispute or argument within a family. This is a silent killer of relations. What a nuclear bomb can do to a country, EGO does to a family. It acts like termite and eats away the love, affection, concern, feelings, emotions, sentiments. Many times, it is not visible on the ground, exactly as the termite does, but keep harming the relations slowly, slowly. A perfect example of this can be seen in case of newly wedded couple. Just recall the first argument you had with your spouse and result of it, and the latest one. You will find that after that first argument one of you might have foregone his/ her ego, which acted as a treatment. If one of you continued to shed his/ her ego, then certainly you kept on treating it and that’s why you both are together till date.

This termite has grown so fast and is so infectious, a disease, that even small children are suffering from it. Today, even if the school going children is suggested to do something in particular manner by parents, he/ she feels offended and is not ready to listen, why? Is that not ego? Ego, that he/ she knows everything and does not need parents’ advice. They rely on their friends more than parents, why?

Definitely we are lacking somewhere. Most probably, while upbringing our children we are not paying that much of attention which is required. In past, mothers were able to devote their full attention to family affairs and accordingly she was keeping a close watch on every movement of their children. But now, since the women are working, they are unable to keep a close tab on each and every activity of their children. Moreover, even in joint families the children are not so well behaved because, due to adoption of western culture children are not ready to listen to their grand parents’ advice. They consider them as old fashioned and orthodox.

Another reason for children’s such rude, arrogant and indifferent behaviour is our own attitude towards our parents/ in laws. We do not take their advice seriously, for the same reason that we consider our thinking to be more appropriate and modern. Is that not “EGO”. A feeling of “Self” in everything and everywhere. Putting self over everyone and everything. This attitude also create trouble in the husband-wife relationship. The most obvious reason for misunderstanding or quarrel is this attitude. If you see around you, you will find every second women comparing her job/ work with that of husband. The normal and common question is “Is my job not as important as that of my husband?”, and here the EGO comes into play. If you are interested in considering your job/ work, as important as that of your husband, then let us discuss other related questions also. Are you ready to take the responsibility of whole family’s financial burden, without asking any question, as your husband does? I assure you, if you feel that you are ready to do that, just take that burden for six months and you will surrender that responsibility on your own.

Same is the case of husband who feels that women’s job of managing home and family is less important. I challenge such husband to manage the home for a period of three months and see if he does not surrender before that.  

The abovesaid issues and feelings create a lot of problem every time and everywhere. Until and unless husband and wife respect each other’s job profile, whole heartedly, this unseen “EGO” feeling will sway away all your happy moments.

I am not saying that what the women does is not important but I want to convey that the women’s job is as important as the men’s job. We should never compare them with each other because the God has created both of them with certain specific and different qualities and hence comparing them is an insult to god’s creation. God has given strength and weakness to both of them but the nature different in each case. So, it would be better if we respect god’s creation and shed away the most dangerous and damaging thing called “EGO” from our life.

Self-Guilt means a wrong or unethical act done or committed by a person and about which the sufferer may or may not be aware but which keeps haunting the doer. It includes acts which might have caused loss to others or the doer himself/ herself. An act of stealing some one’s write up and taking credit of writing it, may make that person guilty conscious. In another case one may be cursing himself/ herself for his/ her bad habit.
Self-Guilt is a point which is never talked about, neither amongst the family nor friends, although it is a major cause of depression. Many people feel depressed because of self-guilt till they share the same with someone. Mostly, this issue remains unshared because the person doesn’t want to get himself/ herself exposed. The feeling of, what the people will think about him/ her, stops him/ her from sharing the same with anybody.
Mostly every person in life face such problem, it is a hard fact. According to various psychological counsellors, people don’t share such acts or incidents with others due to various reasons such as feeling shy or guilty, shameful, getting exposed, fear of boycott by society, social stigma etc. etc. Even such persons don’t visit or consult psychological counsellors in this regard for above mentioned reasons.
People pay a very heavy price for acts done or incidents occurred during their childhood or teenage. They feel as if they have committed an act which is unpardonable whereas it is very common for a human being to commit such mistakes and acts due to human nature.
“To err is human” is not a false saying. So, it is better to share, discuss and resolve such issues, as early as possible. When you discuss it with others, you feel relaxed and the haunting memories of such incident/ act, slowly gets faded away from your memory lane.
This platform is a fantastic place to share, discuss and resolve such issue. Here you can also seek help of experts besides views of other subscribers. Don’t worry even if many people give adverse comments on your post, rather in that case ask for help from expert. Many people out of those who post adverse comment are actually hypocrite, who pretend themselves to be the most ideal persons, which they are not.
An act already committed cannot be undone, so, then what is the fun in carrying that guilt and making your life miserable.
So, don’t worry what others say, just share your bad memories and get rid of them to move ahead in life for better future.

You might be surprised after seeing the heading of article and think that “AND” has been inadvertently mentioned here or is typographical error. No, not at all, it is as is mentioned. Let me explain. Every family face certain issues / problem and for which they all search solutions collectively. Every member of family is affected by such issues. Here we are not talking about those issues rather we are talking about issues within the family by which one person feels dissatisfied, uncomfortable, painful, torturing, anguishing and lose peace of mind. Peace of mind is the most important factor in determining the happiness and prosperity of a family. Family can face any issue, problem, situation, adversity in life, if all the members have peace of mind and in case one amongst the members loses peace of mind it will take away the happiness of the whole family within a short span of time and resultantly the strength, power to face adversity will stand reduced. In such a situation the gravity of situation, issue, problem will start becoming bigger and bigger, day by day. It will bring other problems to worsen the situation.
Let me explain it with the help of an example. Suppose a self-employed person face some business issues and financial crises and comes home with a frustrated mind. On coming home, he finds that the school fees of his children worth 35,000/- is payable and his wife also asks for some money to buy groceries. Now there are two situations: one is the person calmly hears the demands and discuss the problem with his family or he gets angry and speaks rudely. In first case there is all probability of finding solution as his wife or children might help him by offering their savings or they may defer the payments, if possible. In second situation, all worst things will come out if the wife does not tackle the situation cleverly. His rude behavior will upset the wife, who may get rude to either her in-laws or children, and the whole family’s peace mind will go away. Although such frustration will not resolve the problem rather it will contribute in destroying the peace of mind of other family members too.
Now if in second situation the wife is intelligent and calm and tackles the situation then the question arises, how long she will be able to tolerate such behavior and how long she will be able to tackle the situation calmly? She is also a human being and works 24/7*365 days. She also gets tired and might feel like having holidays. She might also feel bad at various point of time due to the behavior of husband, children, in-laws, her parents or other relatives. Tolerating all such odds, for years together, and that too without any reaction may lead to bursting situation and it may happen any day.
So, as a family we must keep a tab on our behavior and situation and act prudently and intelligently to tackle such situation. The best thing may be to control your frustration and not to allow it to destroy your peace of mind or at least of your family. If the second worst situation comes where the wife loose her temper then you must remember that she has been tolerating your rudeness for so many years and hence is paying back and hence, being a good businessman, just accept it with a smile and try to pacify her by feeling sorry. Please note, at that time you must forgo your EGO to bring peace of mind back to your family which is your utmost duty.