I am so sad and upset about Sushant rajput Singh’s sucide that since the time I heard about it ,i can’t take it out of my mind , may be because he was someone amongst us “a common boy” who tried to make it big in the nepotistic world. The question that is stuck inside my mind is why? why did he had to do that? A brilliant student, bright and successful career in film industry , then what made him take that step. Then as the news came pouring in about how bollywood boycotted him professionally ,the things started to fall in line. You may be a big star, a successful hero for people in outside world but in your world , you are fighting for recognition. You want to be appreciated by famous industry people for your hardwork but instead they will praise about people who constantly flatter them. This happens in our day to day life where we often forget to appreciate our kids , our parents. We think we are doing so much for them,then what is the need of appreciating. After a person is gone ,i have often heard people saying he had everything, then why did he do so? Because mostly people are talking in terms of materialistic things. Through my own journey of life ,i have understood that the most important thing is to be valued and praised by your own people whom you look upto for approval. These people may be different group of people for every individual. For some it may be their family, for some it’s their colleagues or managers. Also in Sushant’s case I believe it is a kind of bullying where powerful people tried to take advantage of their position and destroyed someone’s career along with his self respect and made him so depressed and sad that he had to take his life. Sucide is not a small step and its not easy to take your own life so imagine how much suffering that person has gone through to take that step. Writting on your social media platforms that anyone can talk to me about their problems is not the solution instead try to remember that did anyone try to reach you and you brushed them off as they were not important to you. Just listen it may not be important to you, it may be stupid but sometimes only thing someone wants, is to be heard.