You may be surprised at the heading of this article but whatever I am going to mention here is the absolute truth. In today’s world of internet and social media no one can avoid using it. Internet has made our life very easy if used carefully but the use of social media platforms gives them direct entry into your life. The use of these platforms does have negative aspects as it consumes a lot of time in unnecessary surfing besides its ill effects on our health.

Although use of such platforms has made our life easy as it is helping in better and fast communication, obtaining information within few seconds, remaining connected with our loved ones. While using the necessary and most needed platforms and APPs we start using many other applications which otherwise are not required.

Whenever we install any APP, it asks for permission to use your camera, microphone, contacts, media gallery, messages etc. etc. Basically, it acquires access to every nook and corner of your phone and you happily agree to it without knowing the consequences. Whenever we give such permissions, we agree and allow that APP to keep a constant watch on our each and every action. Not only this whatever message, media, documents we have in our phone or send through these applications, a copy is duly stored in the server of such application.

Please read this carefully. I am telling you the real incidents happened/ noticed with/ by me:

  1. I sent an email to a National News channel requesting to broadcast news about a particular crime on its Utube channel and within next 5 minutes when I opened Utube the episode on that crime came on my screen.
  2. Just today one of my friends called me and asked a question about taxation. As soon as tried to search on google. After typing single word google gave me option of what my friend asked for on call.
  3. My family while sitting in a room was discussing about some product. During this chat one of us picked his phone and was amazed to see the screen saver of same product on his screen.

It is very common and every one of us might be aware that whatever product we search on google, the advertisement of that product start displaying on our screen but here if you notice they are keeping an eye on what I write in a mail or talk during call or even what we talk during our family time.

It is really very dangerous as they have access to our camera and microphone, they are getting every information about us. I personally feel that they are not only recording our chats but the camera also keeps working while our phone is lying idle. It is also quite possible that all the pics and videos you shoot through mobile, a copy of them is immediately saved on their server. So, be careful because everything in this world is saleable and our personal info and data is most expensive. In future the companies owning data will be costliest because such data holds the key in selling products online. Now you can well imagine how the MNCs capture market in such a short span, as they approach the potential customer at right time.

Every other day and more particularly recently when the government told the social media platforms to abide by the newly enacted laws about transparent mechanism to resolve the grievance of public, the opposition leaders raised hue and cry in the name of privacy along with these social media platforms. Now you can very well imagine that why such social media platforms which are keeping an eye on our each and every movement are raising questions of privacy?

The government has simply asked them to provide grievance redressal mechanism and to store the data on a server maintained in India but they are reluctant to do so because the future war will be for data only.

Our personal data gives them absolute idea about our habits, liking, disliking, daily routine etc. With the help of that data, they serve us with what we want and it helps them in controlling market share. A big market share means big money and big money means a powerful nation.

The more hue and cry during the second wave of Corona was not for our wellbeing rather it was a conspiracy of international pharma companies which were trying to push their vaccines, medical equipment’s, medicines etc. in India. For achieving this purpose, they paid a huge sum to some people who not only created fear in the mind of public through hoarding of oxygen cylinders, medicines, vaccines etc. and started questioning about shortage of same vaccine about which they raised doubts few months ago.

To understand this whole game plan of international mafia you need to analyze statements of few leaders during last 6/8 months. Their next game plan is also exposed as they have a nexus with the foreign country which has made the virus and started a bio-logical war. How these people came to know that there will be a third wave and it will hit children? At the same time coincidentally a big pharma giant announces trial of vaccine for children. If you see all these events in chronological manner everything will be clear. Our government is trying hard to make everything in India but it direly needs the support of citizens without which it cannot win this war.

So, keeping in view the present scenario and future, we need to devise our strategy to fight with this data war and to preserve our privacy. Our bad luck is the most intelligent talent of IT went abroad due to lucrative packages offered by them and our corporates seems to be ignorant about this. Hopefully, Reliance, Tata or some big corporate group, whom people keep abusing all the time, can help us by launching indigenous social media platforms because it needs huge investment.

I would suggest that we must restrict the use of these gadgets in case of necessity only although it is not easy to do. Dependence on these gadgets is such that we can’t imagine life without them. The fraudsters are taking full advantage of it and are causing huge loss to users. These hackers are blackmailing corporates and big business houses. Firstly, they hack the systems of such corporates and then ask ransom to release their data. Many times, they don’t return the data even and causes huge loss on both sides. These gangs act from far regions where the complainant can’t dare to go. Even the police authorities seem helpless in catching them. So, the policy “prevention is better than cure” should be adopted to minimize the risk.




Love is a blessing for mankind due to which the whole world is living peacefully and feeling emotionally connected with each other. Love towards nature, humanity, animals, creatures etc. give rise to sentiments due to which we feel concerned or sad for the persons who face natural calamity or disaster, despite the fact that we have never met them. It is certainly the most precious and wonderful gift of God but some monsters misuse such sentiments to exploit others, to achieve their inhuman objects.

Love is never bad or wrong but lust is. It becomes a crime when you pretend to be someone, you are not and exploit emotions and sentiments of others just with ulterior motive of causing harm to the dignity of a girl. You have no right to harm others in a civil society but when such acts are done by a group of persons with planning, the government is supposed to act against such criminal acts and formulate laws to curb such menace.

In the recent past, incidents of Lust Jihad have risen very sharply and during investigations the government authorities have found proof which shows that such criminals were imparted proper training in planned manner and were offered financial help. All the culprits mostly belong to a particular community.

If you are using various social media platforms, you can see that they are flooded with stories, videos telling the truth of not only Lust Jihad but also about various other types of Jihads carried on by certain culprits belonging to a particular community. You may agree or disagree, as the pseudo seculars, communists, lutyen journos, so called writers and intellectuals usually do but now such dual policy will not work as the whole world has started feeling the heat of such inhuman acts. They are following a very well-planned strategy to wipe out all other religions and to bring the whole world under Islamic rule.

They are spending a huge amount to achieve their objective. Their game plan starts in the name of imparting religious education itself by radicalizing children from tender age of 4/5 years. They create a fear in the mind of all followers by saying that no one can ask question about their holy book even if he/ she is not satisfied with the preaching because otherwise they will go to hell (jahannum).

Actually no one paid attention to this issue until the same was raised by Hindu organizations, saying that it is a conspiracy to defame a community but when the same thing was pointed out by certain Christian organizations, it attracted immediate attention of some political parties who appease this community. How painful it is to see that the government of a sole country where Sanatanis can live peacefully, does not pay heed to voices raised by them but act immediately on the issues raised by other communities which have many countries to live in world. When this issue was raised by Hindu organizations it was ignored by saying that you should not blame the whole community for certain acts committed by some radical persons.

More surprising and painful is the way of dealing such issues, by accused community. At the first instance they deny existence of any such issue and when it starts happening in a noticeable number, they start saying that these are acts of few misguided persons. They are so hypocrite that they never accept the truth and always keep denying even though it is clearly visible. The best example of hypocrisy is exodus of Kashmiri Pandits on which no one is ready to accept or speak even today.

These hypocrites come out openly when Akhlakh, Pehlu Khan or alike is killed for any reason and start calling it lynching even if it is a simple fight amongst individuals or group but keep mum when two sadhus are killed by mob in Palghar, Ankit Sharma and alikes are lynched.

Yes, I call them hypocrites because they are. When Vikas Dubey, a gangster of U.P. was killed in encounter mostly every Hindu supported it but it is never so in their case, why? Whenever any terrorist is killed, they come out in huge number in support of such terrorist, claiming him to be a brilliant student, teacher or any kind of that sort.

Such hypocrites need nothing to support a culprit except his religion. They have built a very strong network to set and support their narrative which includes highly educated individuals, intellectuals, writers, bureaucrats, student leaders, political party leaders, news reporters etc. They have a very well-planned strategy to control the social media. You just search any topic on google and you will find everything which goes in favour of them and against Hindus.     

We need to act diligently to save our children from falling into their trap. Anyone who falls in their trap, destroys his/ her life. They don’t think even once before killing such victim. It is very difficult to overcome such a traumatic situation even if you save the life. So, we need to talk openly about this issue in our families and social circles, if we really want to save ourselves. We have already suffered a huge loss by keeping mum on all issues related to minority community in the garb of secularism. Secularism never means to keep on suffering at the hands of so-called minority and not to utter a word.

Actually, this fake secularism and appeasement of minorities has made us fearful and resultantly incidents like Shaheen Bagh, Delhi and Bangalore riots happened. This is the last opportunity in our hands if we want to save our coming generations. You have many examples before you to prove that this community has some DNA problem due to which they can’t tolerate any other religion. Incidents like Kashmir exodus, Mewat, Kairana, Mujjafar Nagar, Kerala, West Bengal and many others have proved beyond doubt that they will not spare you, once they are in majority. You show me a single Islamic country or muslim majority State or city where others can profess their religion freely. Even in so called most advanced Islamic countries you can’t profess your religion freely. You can’t drink water or eat at public place during ramzan.

So, this is a wake-up call for all of us to unite and fight against this mentality. You must speak openly and loudly to oppose such acts, help others who speak or act against them, provide financial help to fighters and organizations working to save Sanatan Culture. Remain vigilant and keep watching social media to keep updated about their strategies. I will try to write down an article on various types of jihads going on in our country and all over the world. By that time, please make everyone in your circle aware and please don’t feel shy in speaking out loudly.



All the religions in world have some formal way of worshipping God. The main religions in India are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Bodh, Muslims and Christian. Every religion has a separate set of principles of worshipping God. Here we will discuss about all the above religions in short and about Sanatan in detail.

Sikhs: Sikhs believe in Shri Guru Granth Sahib a holy book written by their Gurus starting from first Guru Shri Nanak Dev Ji and the tenth Guru Gobind Singh ji. Sikhs normally visit to Gurudwara where they worship the Guru Granth Sahib. There is no specific day fixed for worship but generally every Sikh visit the Gurudwara on the Birth or Death Anniversary of Gurus. Even a large number of Hindus also visit Gurudwara on regular basis because as per some old tradition the eldest boy of family used to become a Sikh and other as non-sikh. This tradition started as Guru Gobind Singh ji called the public to devote a family member to be sworn as a Sikh so that a force can be build to fight with Mughals and ensure safety of innocent public. Since the Mughals were too cruel that they used to loot the people, abduct minor girls and women, rape them and keep them as slave. Seeing all this Guru Gobind Singh constituted a force and named them as Singh “Lion” to fight with the excesses of Mughals.

Jain: Jains believe in Bhagwan Mahavir Swami and worship them. Their main Mantra is Navkar Mantra and they don’t have any prescribed place of worship. They maintain Jain Sathanak where their Saints visit and reside to bless the followers. They don’t have any specific or fixed day of worshipping and they celebrate Paryushan Parv.

Buddhist: Bodh or Buddhist is religion started by Bhagwan Gautam Budh. Buddhist believe in meditation more.

Christian: Christians believe in Jesus Christ and visit Church. Usually they have fixed Sunday as a day to visit church.

Muslims: Muslims believe in Allaha and build mosque where they visit for namaz. Although a devoted Muslim offer namaz five times a day but Friday has been fixed for offering namaz collectively in mosque.

Hindus: Hindus usually maintain a small place to offer prayers in their homes. In Hindus we have a sect called Arya Samaj which was established by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Arya Samajis don’t believe in idol worship as Sanatanis does and they believe in Vedas. They offer prayers through Havan/ Yajna. Sanatanis believe in Idol worship and hence build temples.

As per Supreme Court of India temple and gurudwara is considered as a home of Bhagwan and Guru Granth Sahib and they are considered as alive. Our Bhagwan and Guru Granth Sahib being alive can fight case in their own name. Whereas mosque is not an integral part of islam and it is just a community centre where they assemble to offer prayers. Even as per Islam no mosque can be constructed on a used land which means a mosque can be constructed on a barren land only.

The above fact of regarding mosque construction is openly accepted by Islamic scholars but even then, they fail to reply when asked about demolition of 40,000+ temples of Hindus by Mughals. The most stunning fact is that a person who claims to be Islamic follower and calls Islam a religion of peace, never accepts the fact that the Mughals had committed a blunder by demolishing Temples. They claim every right on Bharat but they never accept the Sanatan Philosophy as theirs, even though it is a well-known and established fact that our civilization is far older than others.

Why we need temples?

In old times our rishis used to live in jungles so that they can follow their daily routine without disturbance. They never lived in populated villages. Rishis used to get up before 4.00 A.M. to do their Sadhana and Meditation. This process was used to be repeated in the evening also. They never mingled up with the general public and used to visit villages only for obtaining bhiksha. Bhiksha never means begging as they used to collect only that much of food which was enough for their livelihood. They never used to stock anything and that’s why, they managed to live in small huts. They had minimal items of their use. With the passage of time, such places had got a lot of positive energy and spiritual powers due to strong meditation and Sadhana done by such rishis and converted into a place of worship which fulfill the wishes of general public. Such places became renowned temples as you see today.

If you visit villages, even today you will find the majority of population living in small houses. So, the villagers used to construct a common place of worship called as temple where they all used to assemble in morning and evening to offer prayers. Many kings and rulers had built beautiful temples as per their beliefs which we see even today.

Logic behind constructing temples was very genuine. A place where one can find peace and do meditation or offer prayers without any disturbance. Even the students preparing for exams want a peaceful place to study so that he can concentrate on studies because any disturbance or voice causes disturbance in his studies. Same is the logic behind building a temple at lonely place. If you search in history you will find that all the ancient temples were built at a lonely place, away from habitation, with the same logic.

Idol worshipping does have a strong logic. Even the science has accepted that “Telepathy” exists. Telepathy is a connection between two persons sitting far away from each other. As our old rishis used to tell everything about a person whom they have never met. It was all power of meditation and telepathy. As the telepathy works through waves, same is the case of storing positive powers at one place. Temple where so many people come and do meditation and sadhana develops a positive power which provides solace and peace to people coming there. Idols are used to increase the concentration of devotees. If you see a beautiful idol of god in temple you forget everything for some time. Fragrance of Dhoop, Flowers and other items such as Kesar, Kumkum etc. used for worship increases your concentration and helps in meditation.

Ram Temple:

No one in Bharat is unaware about Bhagwan Ram. We know the place of his birth and everything. Now the point is when Islam prohibits construction of Mosque on used land Why Ram Temple was destroyed? The simple answer is just to demoralize us, mughals demolished the temples. They wanted to prove themselves as more powerful and also that our Bhagwan does not exist. This was also a reason why many Hindus converted to Islam due to fear. They used all the means to establish Gajwa-a-Hind but could not succeed due to various brave personalities we had from time to time. Mughals never succeeded in ruling the whole of India at any point of time. People like Shivaji Maharaj, Marathas, Maharanas of Rajasthan, Maharaja Ranjit Singh and many others kept them restricted. Whatever they won was due to betrayal of some people. Whatever success they got was because of betrayal or fraud.

Although they demolished 40,000+ temples Sanatanis being the most tolerant in the world never asked for returning all of them. Even in 1947 when the partition took place a separate country was demanded in the name of Islam. Muslims had no right to retain those temples because they had got a separate country. But as the radical Islamist does, they have not agreed to return the three major Temples i.e. Mathura, Kashi and Ayodhaya. We fought for 492 years and got it through Supreme Court judgement. It was a blot on us which we needed to remove.

If you see the recent action of Islamic Country Turkey which has converted a 1000 years old church into a Mosque, it clearly proves beyond any doubt the mentality of these radical Islamists. Even after the Supreme Court Judgement one Maullana Madni has clearly said that they will demolish the Ram Temple whenever they came to power, may be even after 50-100 years. This shows the mentality of these Jihadi type people who have an agenda of Gajwa-a-Hind.

I am writing this article to make all the readers aware that you need to fight these radicals otherwise the day is not far when you will again become slaves and just check out the history of 56 Islamic States you will find that just 30-40-50 years ago they were ruled by some other community and today that ruling community has either totally finished or is in meagre percentage. I am also writing this article for self-satisfaction so that I can put in my best efforts to awaken the sleeping and divided community called Sanatanis.

Please wake up from your deep sleep and be alert from so-called one-sided secularism if you want to see your coming generations live happily.


I have hardly seen a couple whose married life is really happy. This does not mean that they are fighting day and night but what I mean is rather, a happy married life from the point of view of compatibility between couples. You visit anywhere in the world, you will not find more than 2% people living an exceptionally happy married life.

In western world the culture is entirely different from ours. There people don’t believe in marriage being a solemn bond. For them marriage is just an agreement which, if not workable they move on after divorcing each other whereas here in India, we don’t feel that way and keep adjusting for the whole life. There are no restrictions or obligations to adhere to social rules or regulations in west whereas here we are obliged to adhere to the social, religious, cultural traditions and ethos.

Our cultural values and traditions, though logical and scientific, were molded in such a way that they lost the relevance. Our culture was to search a companion in known families and particularly the families having similar background, lifestyle, status and following similar traditions. Such selection was having more compatibility because of similarity in most of the factors of both the families. Today also we search for companion from known sources but don’t want it to be from our inner circles. In such cases the similar factors get ignored and thus becomes one of the reasons for difference of opinion amongst the married couple.

Basically, the life style of business class families or of government employees of similar position, is similar. This similarity of life style makes 50% compatibility. Remaining 50% compatibility amongst the couple depends upon the nature and family arrangement equally. Out of this family arrangement can be enquired and verified and if found similar, the compatibility raises to 75%. Now, the last 25% depends upon the nature and behavior of the couple. The behavior and nature of couple consists of personal traits and qualities.

Let us analyse the above in detail. The first part of similarities in family consists of financial position- good or very good, life style – modern or orthodox or western, family culture- joint or nuclear etc. If these factors are similar then the compatibility between couple would be higher.

The second part consists of family arrangement which means the relationship between the family members inter-se. If both families have a close bonded relationship then it works wonderfully but in case it is different than it will make difficult for the life partners to adjust.

The third aspect is most important and if we are still carrying on, it is only due to this factor. The nature and behaviour of the couple plays the most pivotal role in shaping the relationship. It is very difficult to foresee or enquire about the nature and behaviour of companion because every person behaves differently with different relations. A person may be a very good son, brother, relative or friend but how he will behave with his companion in a given condition cannot be judged. Similar is the case with the girl.   

Now the most important factor of nature and behaviour should be discussed because without that this discussion will be futile. In Indian context, mostly the girls are considered as more tolerant and adjustable due to their bringing up. From the very beginning every girl child is told to be tolerant because she has to go to her in-law’s house. Whole of the family keep reminding the girl child about this, hither and thither. Although, in modern times, we may not consider this as good but the truth is that the credit for maintaining the harmonious relationship in families goes to this very attitude only. In ideal indian society, the girl’s tolerant behaviour puts her in advantageous position over the boy because the elders always favour the girl. Families which maintain this ideal position, mostly have conducive environment and they live a quite peaceful and happy life. Wherever if the above ideal position is not maintained either the girl rebels after some time or the life becomes miserable.  

The above tolerant behaviour also makes the boy feel guilty, if he has indifferent behaviour, and he starts analysing himself and improving his nature and which makes the life happy, later on in life. Here you can say that till that time the girl suffers a lot but at the same time another point is that there is no surety that she will get better life partner, if she divorces and get married again.

In case where the girls are modern and who cannot tolerate indifferent behaviour of husband or family members live a miserable life because she reacts every time and over reacts some time. Here the responsibility to handle the situation lies on the shoulder of the husband. Those who tackle the position carefully and diligently, lives the life peacefully, if not happily. With the passage of time both of them are required to change their attitude as desired by the other. Those who fail to do so, keep suffering and live a miserable life. In such cases, it took five to ten years to mould according to the wishes of the other partner.

Another important point is the relationship amongst the family members and the couple. Initially, the reasons of fight amongst the couple are difference of opinion, habits, nature, liking disliking etc. of family members. Girls tolerate the indifferent behaviour of family members but complain about the same to husband. Those who hear calmly and pacify her succeed in maintaining a balance but those who fail to do so have to face consequences and life becomes miserable.

Making adjustments, moulding nature, sacrificing wishes is the most important part of married life in India. Everyone has to do so, if he/ she wishes to maintain the relationship.

To check the compatibility of a couple you just take a paper and pen. Start writing their priorities in life, honestly. Match the priorities to know their compatibility. This will give you better result because the priorities will mostly include all the things required to judge their relationship. Priorities or preferences in real sense e.g. for a wife preparing delicious food for husband may be a priority but for husband it may not be so. For husband spending quality time together may be more important than delicious food. While checking similarities in priorities we must take care to consider only those similarities which are absolutely matching.

Besides this liking-disliking, habits, difference of opinion with regard to various issues, nature, temperament, attitude and behaviour also matters a lot. Managing all these things becomes easier if the priorities are similar. Change in priorities occur when any new member is added to family because a space has to be created for him/her. Sometimes the space occupied by that child also create troubles due to change in priorities of a lady and the men face difficulty in adjusting with the same. Here, it is very important for a lady to manage the priorities in a sophisticated manner. Sometime the ladies start giving all the priority to the child, even at the cost of all other priorities. In such cases the problem becomes serious.

Basically, in my opinion the couple must write down their priorities and then take a decision about the level of preference to be given to each one of them. Both of them should give preference as per the likings of spouse. If it is done in this manner, I am sure that 80% issues/ problems will vanish out and the remaining will be managed in better manner due to increased compatibility and understanding.


In India we heard a lot about secularism because we are democratic country. Secularism means “the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions”, but is it really so? This word was not a part of preamble of our Constitution drafted by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. It was added in the year 1975, but what was the need to do so? Partition of country was demanded by Muslim League, a political outfit representing Muslims, because they said that both the communities does not have anything in common. All the traditions, cultures, lifestyle, family setup, thoughts, ethos, ethics, eating habits, hobbies are different in both the communities and hence they (Muslims) can’t live with Hindus.

According to Rupa Subramanya, Economist commentator, in her blog written on

“Was there overwhelming support for Pakistan among the Muslims of undivided India?

Lately, some in India have been asserting this. As evidence, they refer to statistics from the 1946 provincial assembly elections, in which the Muslim League captured 4.5 million of about 6 million Muslim votes. On the face of it, this would seem to suggest that 75% of Indian Muslims voted for the Muslim League and its demand for Pakistan.

This claim glosses over the crucial fact that the 1946 elections, based on the Sixth Schedule of the 1935 Government of India Act, had a limited franchise, which means that only a small percentage of adults those with money and property were eligible to vote. In fact, only 3% of the population could vote for the Central Assembly and only 13% could vote for the Provincial Assemblies. That means only 30 million people could vote in assembly elections out of a total adult population of 120 million.”

In my opinion, even if 90% Muslims had not voted, they gave their approval to partition on the basis of religion and accepted it, as they never opposed it as they did every other day in the country. Here more interesting is the fact that those voted in favour were from Bihar, U.P., A.P. but Punjab, Sindh and Bengal were divided where Muslim population was not in majority. More strange is the fact that those who voted for partition never went to Pakistan and those who remained silent had shifted there.

Now the point is if 90% Muslims were not in favour of partition then why it happened? Who did that and for what purpose? It clearly shows that the partition was planned with ulterior motives by some politicians to satisfy their personal power hunger. Why the public remained silent and had not opposed this ill act of politicians? It seems that the public was befooled by those self-centred and selfish politicians. This fact stood proved because after dividing the country on religious basis, those leaders entered into an agreement called “Liyaqat Pact” thereby agreeing that no population transfer is needed and people can live wherever they wish to. 

In ideal situation the public should have opposed that decision or should not have accepted it even after its approval.  

When partition took place on religious basis and Muslims were given Pakistan why they all have not moved out? Pakistan declared itself as Islamic country where Sharia law is applicable and Hindu, Sikhs, Bodh, Jains are living miserable life. The percentage of minorities (Hindu, Sikhs, Bodh, Jain, Christians) has reduced from 23% to just 3% and in India Muslim population increased from 9.8% to 14.2% (as per 2011 census). Considering the fact that India’s population is seven times of Pakistan, the increase in Muslims population is too huge. Besides illiteracy, their religious preachers are also to be blamed for this irrational increase because they oppose population control measures suggested by the Government giving plea of their religion.

I fail to understand the mind set of that so called highly educated politicians that if Hindus and Muslims were to remain wherever they wish to live, why partition was done? It clearly establishes, beyond any doubt that the partition was done just because Jinnah and Nehru wanted to become Prime Minister of country and their greed, selfishness resulted in displacing 12 million people and death of lakhs of people.

If there was tussle between Nehru and Jinnah, why Gandhi ji not chose a third person as Prime Minister. At that time many other renowned and intelligent persons like Sardar Patel, Shashtri ji, Govind Vallabh Pant, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and many more were present. Even Sardar Patel was unanimously elected as a leader of Congress Party in preference to Nehru.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had advocated that the partition will not be complete until the exchange of whole population takes place, in other words, he supported that all Muslims should go to Pakistan and Hindus should come to India. Had we acted according to his advice today there would not have been this word Secularism because no other religions such as Sikhs, Hindu, Jain, Bodh, Parsi have any problem with each other.

Secularism is used to play victim card by one particular minority. Here I would like to mention few instances which will prove that how this game of secularism is being played with Sanatanis giving preference to one particular religion:

*सेक्युलर कहते है,

तीन तलाक़ धार्मिक आस्था..!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

देवदासी प्रथा वेश्यावृत्ति थी,

हलाला पवित्र नारी-शुद्धिकरण…!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

बहुविवाह एक अनैतिक प्रथा थी, 

चार-निक़ाह ईश्वरीय आदेश… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

चुटिया रखना धार्मिक ढोंग है,

बिना मूंछ की बकर-दाढ़ी ईश्वर का नूर है… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

यज्ञोपवीत पहनना धार्मिक कट्टरवाद है,

लेकिन अरबी लबादा ओढ़ना धार्मिक पहचान है…!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

तिलक लगाना दकियानूसी कट्टरता है,

लेकिन मत्थे पे ईंट से रगड़कर बनाया काला निशान आध्यात्मिक है…!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

कर्ण छेदन असभ्य क्रूरता है,

ख़तना अलौकिक प्रक्रिया…!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

पितृपक्ष तर्पण एक ढोंग है,

लेकिन मरहूमों की मज़ारों पर चढ़ावा चढ़ाना श्रद्धा… !

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

तीर्थ-यात्रा पैसा कमाने का मनुवादी ढोंग,

लेकिन लाखों रुपये फूँककर हज़-उमरा पवित्र ईश्वर का दर्शन… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

जल्लीकट्टू पशु उत्पीड़न है,

लेकिन पशुओं की गला रेतकर क़ुर्बानी धार्मिक आस्था… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

गौरक्षा मांसाहार के अधिकार का हनन है,

लेकिन सूअंर खाने वाले शैतान हैं… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

दही-हांडी ख़ेल ख़तरनाक़ है,

लेकिन छाती-पीट कर ख़ूनी मातम करना धार्मिक आस्था… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

संस्कृत गुरुकुल कट्टरवाद सिखाते थे,

लेकिन मदरसों में आधुनिक वैज्ञानिक शोध होते हैं…!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

व्रत-उपवास दकियानूसी ढोंग हैं,

लेकिन रोज़े वैज्ञानिक शारीरिक तपस्या है… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

हिंदुओं में खानपान की छुआछूत अमानवीय है,

लेकिन शिया-सुन्नी-अहमदिया का आपसी क़त्लेआम स्नेहिल भाईचारा है… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

हज़ारों साल पुरानी सारी इंसानी किताबें झूठी-बकवास हैं,

लेकिन धरती चपटी बतानेवाली 1400 साल पुरानी आसमानी किताब में ब्रह्माण्ड का सारा ज्ञान-विज्ञान है…!!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

गुजरात में दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा दंगा हुआ,

लेकिन 84 में देश के अंदर हज़ारों सिखों और कश्मीरी पण्डित मारे खुशी के स्वर्ग सिधार गए और लाखों ने हंसते हुए कश्मीर में अपना घरबार सब छोड़ दिया… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

बाक़ी मज़हबों पर संविधान लागू होता है,

लेकिन हुज़ूर का मज़हब ख़ुद में संविधान है… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

फिलिस्तीनियों पर बहुत अत्याचार होता है,

लेकिन यज़ीदी दुनिया की सबसे खुशहाल कौम है… !!

सेक्युलर कहते हैं कि…

रोहिंग्या मुसलमान शरणार्थी हैं,

लेकिन पाकिस्तानी-अफगानी शरणार्थी सिख, हिन्दू भारत के लिए बोझ हैं… !!

हालांकि कहने को तो और बहुत कुछ है, लेकिन शालीनतावश सब कुछ नहीं लिख सकते…..लेकिन इतना ही काफी है ये समझने और समझाने के लिए !

Hope that the above examples are enough to prove the fraud of secularism and appeasement.


Mostly the married man asks the question “Why to get married?”. The funny thing is that they ask this after getting into this bond. For unmarried, asking such question seems justified as they are trying to find out the reasons for getting married.

As we are aware that the human body and the whole universe is constituted of five elements i.e. Dharti, Aakash, Vayu, Agni and Jal. Each of these elements has its own role to play and absence of any one of them could destroy the universe. Can we imagine the life without these elements, no not at all?

The God, has designed the universe in such a beautiful way that each one of the constituent elements complement each other. If we deeply analyze the things, we will find that there is a reason for creation of everything in this universe. May it be plant, herbs, shrubs, trees, rivers, ponds, sea, ocean, hills, creatures, animals, human beings, reptiles etc. so on and so forth.

All these things are dependent on and works in harmony with each other. God has created such a wonderful world that no one wants to leave it at any stage of life.

The most important and fantastic creation of god amongst all these is human being. Further to supplement the human life and make it interesting, the god has created various relationships. Relations such as mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt bind us emotionally. Imagine a life without such relations, you will feel as if you are useless and there is no reason to remain alive. Although there are few exceptions to this such as saint who believe in just one relationship and that is with God. They live solely to worship and for mankind.

A child when born needs a mother who takes care of all his needs. A mother takes care of his child selflessly and it is most beautiful relationship on this earth. She expects nothing from her child in return to such care. When the child grows up, he feels need of father to know the harsh reality of world and to learn to fight for survival. After learning all these things, the child become self-reliant and is ready to start his own life and at this stage the need for a life partner arises.

Although, in today’s modern world there is no difference between a man and woman but as per old traditions the work was very well bifurcated amongst the man and woman. Even today, those who believe in equal rights of both, never teach their boy household chores, why? Speaking for equal rights of man and woman sounds good but when it comes to practical, we normally bifurcate the work. How much advanced a family may be but food will be served by the ladies. Have you ever seen anyone asking their son to prepare tea or lunch for guest?

Man and woman are two wheels of a vehicle called life and both are important because you cannot run a vehicle on one wheel. So, to live a wholesome life blessed by the God, you need a life partner. A partner in everything you do. A partner in happiness, sorrow, enjoyment, facing troubles of life and enjoying the wholesomeness of it. A life without a life partner makes a man aimless. If you want to know the value of a life partner just ask those who have lost their life partner in the mid of their life.

Both the partners are important because one cannot stand on one leg for long. Those who ask, “Why to get married?” should leave their house for a year and live all alone or to realize the need of marriage. They must also imagine the situation wherein their family is not together and if they are not able to do so then the simplest way is to part ways. (Unable to understand what he wants to convey)

I don’t say that all are happily married but the real fact is you cannot expect others to behave the way you like. Every person has his own nature, attitude, thinking, way to live life and in such a case we all must provide sufficient space to others so that there is no clash.

Adjustments are must, to live a peaceful happy life. Even at work place you cannot find persons with same level of IQ and acumen. So, whether it is office or home, you must understand the fact that the nature of every human being is different and thus keep the negatives apart and positives of others in mind to maintain a good atmosphere.

There are two commonly known ways to live life. One is family life and second is sanyas. Nowadays a third life style has been adopted by our youngsters that is to live without marriage but not as sanyasi. Out of the persons choosing this new lifestyle, 50{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} enter into married life, though at a very later stage. The result of remaining yet not known because this style has been adopted just during last 10/15 years. So, only the time will tell how these people live their life.

God has created the human being as a social animal thus he lives in society with millions and millions of other people. Only sanyasis live life in isolation and without the support of society. They are people who live in deep forests and do their meditation. Their life is very tough and that’s why we rarely find such persons. When the basic nature of human being is to live in society then accordingly, he is supposed to follow the rules and regulations also. Even the animals in jungle do follow some principles then how humans can be an exception? Still there are very few exceptional cases where some people live isolated life while being in society.

In my view marriage is a part of life and we must enjoy that while keeping in mind a few things such as checking compatibility of couple, equality in their living standards and family backgrounds etc. to avoid unnecessary arguments later on in life.


The conspiracy to demolish and destroy the oldest and strongest culture of world started when the Mughal invaders came to conquer Bharat. Bharat, the richest and oldest civilization in the universe, used to follow the Sanatan Sanskriti which was enshrined in the four Vedas. The Vedas are encyclopedia, defining each and everything about the human beings, animals, birds, earth, sky, forests, rivers, oceans etc. In simple words, you can say that they provide solution to every problem in the universe.

The most astonishing and surprising fact is, who had such vast knowledge about each and everything in this universe. Whatever the NASA or other International agencies are telling us today, after research of decades, is already written or mentioned in the Vedas. The problem is nobody is able to read anddecode it. As and when, they are able to decode any part, they get surprised to see that how the discoveries made by presentday science are mentioned in a manuscript written thousands and thousands of years ago. Does it mean that whatever we are trying to discover now, was already known to someone who wrote Vedas? Yes, it was and the proof of it is in front of us.

We were made to believe that our culture and traditions are orthodox and illogical. Following are the few examples:      

  1. Cat crossing your way: Our parents used to tell us that if the cat crosses your way, while you are on road then you must stop for some time. The logic behind this was, the cat is a very fearful animal and when she sees a person on road, she gets scared and moves or jumpes to either side she feels safe. So, to avoid hurting the animal and save yourself from falling due to her sudden move, you were told to stop and wait till she reaches a safe place. It was merely a logical advice and no superstition was attached to it.
  1. Sneezing: We were told to wait for some time, if somebody sneezes while leaving home. The logic behind this was, while sneezing your heart stops working for a while and so you were told to wait for a few moments so that the heart functioning gets normal.
  1. Throwing copper coin in the water reservoir or river: Our parents used to throw copper coin in the river or pond. Now, the present-day science has accepted that drinking the water kept in copper jug is good for health and this was the reason why our ancestors used to throw copper coin in river or pond. Copper purifies the water and hence the copper coins were thrown with this intention.
  1. Worshipping peepal tree: We were told to give water to peepal and worship it as God. As we all are aware that the peepal tree is the only tree which gives us oxygen 24*7, our ancestors were very well aware about the benefits of this tree. So, to save it from cutting we were told that it is a tree under which God Vishnu takes rest. It was nothing but an attempt to save tree from being axed.

Actually, we were taught that everything is connected with God. Since, the people were not so educated at that time and it was difficult to make them understand the logic behind everything, our ancestors used simple method of connecting everything with God. We being god fearing society used to follow everything connected with God in letter and spirit. 

The invaders used such things to tell us that we are uneducated and orthodox and we believed them whereas factually everything was logical and scientifically proved.

I hope after reading the above points you would appreciate that our old traditions were scientific and logical. If you like this article, please give your feedback to encourage the author to come out with more such articles. Do like and share it, so that awareness amongst youngsters may be created and the propaganda of enemies may be demolished.


Today, many forces are working together to prove our sanatan culture, ideology and traditions, values and ethos as orthodox whereas the truth is all our traditions and rituals were not only scientific but also logical. To demolish the narratives being created by such enemies of Sanatan culture, we have decided to publish a series of articles to make our young generation aware about the truth.

It is not possible to mention all the traditions and rituals here but we will keep writing/ updating this information as and when we will receive any queries from public. This is the first article of this series and request all the readers to give feedback and point out if any discrepancy is noticed or found by them.


It is blamed that sanatan culture promote untouchability. This is absolutely wrong and a false narrative has been created. The genesis of untouchability lies behind the tradition of maintaining cleanliness. Our ancestors were so intelligent that they were aware about various diseases being spread due to close contact between two persons. The tradition of taking bath after going toilet, washing hands after doing any work, leaving shoes outside the house, washing hands, face and foot after coming from work or before having meals were started so as to maintain hygiene. All these things are constantly reminded to us throughout the day through advertisements by the government itself.

At that time distance was maintained from the person who used to collect garbage or clean toilets. Today’s generation may not be aware of this fact that a few decades ago many cities, especially small towns, didn’t have toilets which we are using today. The flush system was not there and therefore, faeces used to be collected manually from toilets. So, it was need of the hour to maintain distance from the person while performing the task. Though the so-called guardians of society manipulated the reasoning and created distance between communities so as to establish their supremacy over others. In fact, it was so, just due to the nature of work and to save others from coming into contact of any virus or bacteria. It was never with the intention to disrespect anyone. Since, our young generation has not seen that life style, they got trapped into the wrong propaganda being carried on by our enemies. Can anyone eat something from a vendor sitting near garbage dump or serving with unclean hands? Can they allow an untidy and unclean person to have meals with them? The reasons for which they will not allow so, were the reasons at that time also.


After death of a person, family used to do funeral before the sun set and people going in funeral used to take bath at the specified place while coming back, after completing the rituals. A quarantine period of twelve days was prescribed, during which none of family members was allowed to go outside the house and all the family members used to read religious books or path of Garud Puran was done. Such religious rituals were helpful for the bereaved family in coming out of grief and provided strength. These all rituals were established to avoid transmission of disease further in village/ city.

In those days, transportation facilities were not so fast. People used to reach from one place to another place in couple of days, depending upon the distance. So, the relatives residing at far places used to come and console family members during twelve days period.

Emotional bonding was so strong that, during these twelve days’ quarantine period, the bereaved family was not supposed to do anything rather the relatives, neighbors and friends used to stay there and take care of everything.


In past, according to our culture and tradition, we used to send the pregnant lady to her parental house. There was a sound logic behind that. When a girl gets married, the matrimonial house belongs to her and she has to take care of that as a house master. As a house master she cannot take full rest or follow the guidelines of doctor but the case is entirely different in her parental house. Moreover, during first few years of marriage, the girl remains more inclined towards her parents and parental house and feel more relaxed and happier there. A happy and calm state of mind of would-be mother is beneficial for child’s health.

But what we did? We were told that our culture and traditions are wrong and burdensome for girl’s parents and accordingly, we started dis-respecting them. The result of which is in front of us. Today, mostly ladies give birth to their child in husband’s house. Now, the point is, we want nuclear families, secondly, we claim that the girl has equal rights on her husband’s house after marriage. When the girl is equal owner of house, then she is supposed to manage all the affairs herself as house master. In such circumstances, the pregnant lady finds it difficult to manage the house and her pregnancy issues together and also her office work, if working. During this period, she gets irritated naturally, due to medical reasons also, coupled with the burden as mentioned above, then what will be the impact on the child?

So, basically the tradition was established for the wellbeing of both the mother and child.

I hope after reading the above points you would appreciate that our old traditions were scientific and logical. If you like this article, please give your feedback to encourage the author to come out with more such articles. Do like and share it, so that awareness amongst youngsters may be created and the propaganda of enemies may be demolished.


Sanatan Sanskriti is the oldest in the world. We had been following traditions and culture which were derived from our four Vedas, “The Rigveda”, “The Yajurveda”, “The Samaveda” and “The Atharvaveda”. These are generally called as Chaturvedas containing the whole philosophy about the human being, nature, animals and the universe. There is nothing in this universe which you can’t see and understand from these manuscripts, written by the great Maharishi Ved Vyas. The surname called Chaturvedi- a person having knowledge of all the four Vedas, Trivedi- a person having knowledge of three Vedas, Dwivedi- a person having knowledge of two Vedas, are derived in this manner.

The allegation of following casteism on Hinduism is absolutely false and it was a dirty mind game of some selfish persons. Whatever is being, shown to us today in various movies, TV serials depicting our ancestors as caste conscious is not correct. Our culture and tradition is very rich and it always recognized the Karma theory, which means the persons were known by their work/ karma and not by any caste. The caste system which we are following today has been created by us only and not by our Sanatan Sanskriti. At that time, the persons used to be known by their Karma and that’s why they were called as Chaturvedi, Trivedi, Dwivedi. It was not a caste but it was their qualification by which they were known. Later on, due to our foolishness we started calling their descendants also by same qualification, whether they had it or not. Another example is surname “Sood”. Basically, Sood means interest. Persons who used to lend money to others on interest were called sood.

Even today, we recognize a locality by the type of business being carried on there and name it accordingly, e.g. Sarafa Bazar, Sabji Mandi, Loha Mandi and alike. So, the area is known by the nature of work carried out there. In some cases, localities are known by castes but again the castes are derived from the nature of work the person used to do. The caste system came into being because we started knowing the person by the name of his father instead of his Karma. Slowly it became surname even if the person is not doing that Karma. With the spread of education, awareness and available opportunities people started doing jobs/ businesses other than ancestral work but were known by their old Karma, i.e. ancestral work which became surname, to put it in easy language.

Education system was Gurukul based. It was not as shown in various movies. Everyone was allowed to get education without any difference of caste or creed because at that time no such system was followed. If you check out the names of old rishis or saints, their names are today referred to as gotras of their descendants.   They did not have surnames. They were known by the qualifications they had earned. Many such rishis became king and many kings became rishis. Glaring example is Rishi Bhagirath ji who was from Ikshwaku family of Lord Rama and brought Ganga (The holy river) on earth and Maharishi Valmiki ji. 

Some powerful, foolish and corrupt people misinterpreted the traditions and those wrongful interpretations started spreading slowly. Since, human beings are born selfish, so they started interpreting the traditions which suited them best and also to prove their supremacy over and above the other people. The population was less and the villages were located too far from each other. Every village used to have one or two persons who got education from gurukul. Such persons used to tell the villagers about the traditions, whatever pleased them, and their misinterpretation proved detrimental for all the villagers because there was no other person to correct them. With the passage of time such wrongly interpreted rituals became tradition of those villages and the powerful person of other villages started following them because it suited them the most.

This is how the wrong rituals started spreading and in long term were called as traditions. Various traditions which were made with scientific reasoning, e.g. the tradition of taking bath or getting all the family members bald after coming from last rites, washing hands and face in day-to-day life after reaching home and so on & so forth, were called as traditions of brahmins only whereas these were applicable to all the families in society. During old days, there were fewer medical facilities and contagious diseases were more prevalent, so these traditions were made with logic and reasoning but as time passed, people discarded these traditions as being orthodox and conservative. People used to keep distance from person who came to pick up garbage but later on it was termed as untouchability. Please tell me whether you take bath after cleaning your toilet? I know, yes. Similarly, the reason to keep distance was due to unhygienic and dirty work and not due to person’s caste.

Now, you can easily understand the scientific and logical reasons behind our traditions as during the pandemic of COVID 19 we are following the same protocol of our old sanatan traditions. Casteism is the byproduct of some handful people, who propogated it to establish their supremacy above other persons and also for their vested interests and it is being carried on till today after so many centuries.


We all know that molestation of women and children is very common. Generally, women face molestation at work place, whereas children face such situation at their home and especially at the hands of their close relatives, friends or neighbours. Majority of cases go unreported because the sufferer does not come forward to lodge complaint, due to fear of society and stigma on him/ her.

For in-depth analysis of this issue, we need to study it thoroughly from every angle. Here I would like to first express my view point that I am neither against western culture nor do I advocate to adopt our culture blindly, which is not possible in today’s time. I am just putting the facts and logic behind it, in front of you. Now let us discuss this issue in detail to find out the reasons:

We have become modern by adopting the western culture and have allowed our children to follow it blindly, without looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

Actually, the Britishers succeeded in their plan to make us feel inferior as compared to them. They got a thorough research done on our culture and found that they cannot rule Bharat too long, until and unless they destroy our rich heritage, traditions and culture.

We feel proud, when our children speak English, wear western cloths and behave like Britishers. While, blindly following these English traditions, we inadvertently allowed our children to do many such acts, which does not suit our society due to various reasons. We allowed our children to watch TV programs, movies, serials which contain vulgar, indecent, inappropriate scenes and acts but when our children ask us some question, we feel embarrassed and avoid replying it.

Basically, the problem is, we are hypocrites. Don’t mind but we have double standards. A woman loves to wear western dresses, which became short with each passing day, but she can’t tolerate her husband talking to any such lady. I am not against anyone but just want to say that adopt any culture but do follow it whole heartedly.

Another example of hypocrisy is we don’t have any objection if our boy has girlfriend but our girl should not have any boyfriend. We can’t tolerate any one staring at our daughter but never tell our son, not to do so. We want them to be westernized in walking and talking but don’t like to see them kissing someone in public or talking about such things, which I too want to avoid writing here. Why it is so? It is because, we are from great Sanatan Culture where everything was logical and scientific. Although, there are certain misconceptions about it, but if we try, their true interpretation or logic can be found. You can raise such issues on “Social Issues” link on portal.

We started preferring nuclear families, instead of joint. We started thinking selfishly and stopped bothering about family. We are feeling concerned only with our spouse and children or maximum to parents, that too in very few cases, and not to our real brothers and sisters. In the coming days our children will forget the relations such as Bhua-Fufa, Chacha-Chachi, Mama-Mami, Masi-Mausa, Taya-Tayi. The result of nuclear families is that single children does not know the emotional touch of such relations and more serious is the relation between brother-sister. How the single children can feel attached or have emotions for such relations?

Our traditions, which we rejected calling orthodox, were logical and scientific. Just see the sequence of events. A boy or girl used to get married at the age of around 15 years.

Till then, he/ she was living in family environment, learning socializing, caring for emotions of family members. He/ she used to learn the husband-wife relationship aspects only after marriage and that was the reason, the married women used to have ghunghat while facing every elder man. You would agree that until you see something good, you don’t have fascination about it. Same was the concept in case of ghunghat. To avoid fascinationand bad intentions, the ghunghat worked as a wall. Even the  girls used to wear graceful cloths which never allowed any one to have erotic feeling. Moreover, the woman and girls were not allowed to meet man or boys at lonely places. Although, you may call it orthodox thinking but these traditions saved our woman and girls from facing molestation. I don’t claim that there was not a single case of this sort but what I am saying is that, the precautionary measures were in place because probably our ancestors knew that dignity of a woman is very sensitive matter and needs to be protected by all means.

If we look for the reasons of molestation, they include; firstly, the erotic feeling which one nurtures, secondly, the favourable place and thirdly the courage to commit such crime. How does the first feeling comes, is a million-dollar question to be replied because other two does not matter until this exists. Nowadays, the social media, which we feel is the most happening invention of human mind, is full of vulgar, indecent, shameless content which provoke only and only, erotic feelings. You just tell me, how much content, you have found on social media which is useful in studies. Even when a student tries to find study related content on social media, they place such vulgar and indecent advertisements over there, that a young student can’t resist too long from watching them.

The favourable place where such incident takes place is either the work place or home. How and why, work place becomes vulnerable for such things? Perhaps it is the mean mentality of a man regarding a working woman. (Also, this is one of the reasons that many men don’t want the ladies of their home to work because they think that all men are alike. Who can better understand a man than a man?) In such cases there are two options, either to avoid such situation or to face it and resolve. Second alternative is least affordable for women and children due to our social culture, which neither became Western nor remained Indian. So, mostly the first option of avoiding it is preferred, but such behaviour gives boost to the culprit, who gets more arrogant and furious. The government has made law to punish such culprits and provision for resolution of such cases has been made at work place.

So, I strongly feel that one should adopt one culture, be it Western or Indian. If you adopt Indian culture then either sit at home or do job following Indian traditions, i.e. wear proper Indian cloths, never remain alone in office, if you are forced to remain alone then also don’t worry and just be Mahakali, when required. Always remember that power comes from mind and not body. If you adopt Western Culture then don’t bother about the society and immediately teach appropriate lesson to the culprit either yourself or through legal recourse, but don’t remain silent in any case.

Now coming to molestation of children, which mainly happens at home and at the hands of close relatives, friends or neighbours. Primarily, I would suggest all to come back to our Indian Culture and follow all the Indian traditions. I assure you, your 80% problems will stand vanished, the day you do so. Please be in joint family to avoid such incidents. Although, all schools are teaching good and bad touch to children, but they don’t teach, how to be courageous. We can do following actions to avoid such incidents:

  1. Living in joint family may be beneficial as the grandparents can take care of children.
  2. Be vigilant and observe actions of close relatives, friends, neighbors. Such culprit does give hints, which you need to understand as parent.
  3. Talk to your children and frankly ask what he/ she knows about good and bad touch.
  4. Give him/ her more detailed information about it. Don’t feel shy because getting shameless now is better, than getting shameless later.  
  5. Teach him/ her to be courageous and not to be afraid of such person. Keep an eye on behaviour of persons, meeting your children.
  6. If you have doubt on someone, just create an environment and give a chance to that person, to catch him red handed.
  7. There is a difference in love and lust and we need to understand it. If you keenly observe the behaviour of such person, you can easily find him.
  8. Get your child self-defense training, so that he/ she can save himself/ herself, if caught in such a situation.
  9. Some basic tips of self-defense are known to everyone. Practice those tips with your children once every month, to keep them reminding. This will make them courageous.
  10. Molestation can happen to boys also, so do take care of your son.

I have tried to cover all the points in my mind. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Please do inform, if any correction is required.

(These are the personal views of the author. These views do not constitute as advice. Please consult appropriate expert professional before taking any action on the basis of these views. Author shall not be liable for any act done on basis of this article)