EGO, a word which is generally used by everyone, whenever there is a dispute or argument within a family. This is a silent killer of relations. What a nuclear bomb can do to a country, EGO does to a family. It acts like termite and eats away the love, affection, concern, feelings, emotions, sentiments. Many times, it is not visible on the ground, exactly as the termite does, but keep harming the relations slowly, slowly. A perfect example of this can be seen in case of newly wedded couple. Just recall the first argument you had with your spouse and result of it, and the latest one. You will find that after that first argument one of you might have foregone his/ her ego, which acted as a treatment. If one of you continued to shed his/ her ego, then certainly you kept on treating it and that’s why you both are together till date.

This termite has grown so fast and is so infectious, a disease, that even small children are suffering from it. Today, even if the school going children is suggested to do something in particular manner by parents, he/ she feels offended and is not ready to listen, why? Is that not ego? Ego, that he/ she knows everything and does not need parents’ advice. They rely on their friends more than parents, why?

Definitely we are lacking somewhere. Most probably, while upbringing our children we are not paying that much of attention which is required. In past, mothers were able to devote their full attention to family affairs and accordingly she was keeping a close watch on every movement of their children. But now, since the women are working, they are unable to keep a close tab on each and every activity of their children. Moreover, even in joint families the children are not so well behaved because, due to adoption of western culture children are not ready to listen to their grand parents’ advice. They consider them as old fashioned and orthodox.

Another reason for children’s such rude, arrogant and indifferent behaviour is our own attitude towards our parents/ in laws. We do not take their advice seriously, for the same reason that we consider our thinking to be more appropriate and modern. Is that not “EGO”. A feeling of “Self” in everything and everywhere. Putting self over everyone and everything. This attitude also create trouble in the husband-wife relationship. The most obvious reason for misunderstanding or quarrel is this attitude. If you see around you, you will find every second women comparing her job/ work with that of husband. The normal and common question is “Is my job not as important as that of my husband?”, and here the EGO comes into play. If you are interested in considering your job/ work, as important as that of your husband, then let us discuss other related questions also. Are you ready to take the responsibility of whole family’s financial burden, without asking any question, as your husband does? I assure you, if you feel that you are ready to do that, just take that burden for six months and you will surrender that responsibility on your own.

Same is the case of husband who feels that women’s job of managing home and family is less important. I challenge such husband to manage the home for a period of three months and see if he does not surrender before that.  

The abovesaid issues and feelings create a lot of problem every time and everywhere. Until and unless husband and wife respect each other’s job profile, whole heartedly, this unseen “EGO” feeling will sway away all your happy moments.

I am not saying that what the women does is not important but I want to convey that the women’s job is as important as the men’s job. We should never compare them with each other because the God has created both of them with certain specific and different qualities and hence comparing them is an insult to god’s creation. God has given strength and weakness to both of them but the nature different in each case. So, it would be better if we respect god’s creation and shed away the most dangerous and damaging thing called “EGO” from our life.

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