You might be surprised after seeing the heading of article and think that “AND” has been inadvertently mentioned here or is typographical error. No, not at all, it is as is mentioned. Let me explain. Every family face certain issues / problem and for which they all search solutions collectively. Every member of family is affected by such issues. Here we are not talking about those issues rather we are talking about issues within the family by which one person feels dissatisfied, uncomfortable, painful, torturing, anguishing and lose peace of mind. Peace of mind is the most important factor in determining the happiness and prosperity of a family. Family can face any issue, problem, situation, adversity in life, if all the members have peace of mind and in case one amongst the members loses peace of mind it will take away the happiness of the whole family within a short span of time and resultantly the strength, power to face adversity will stand reduced. In such a situation the gravity of situation, issue, problem will start becoming bigger and bigger, day by day. It will bring other problems to worsen the situation.
Let me explain it with the help of an example. Suppose a self-employed person face some business issues and financial crises and comes home with a frustrated mind. On coming home, he finds that the school fees of his children worth 35,000/- is payable and his wife also asks for some money to buy groceries. Now there are two situations: one is the person calmly hears the demands and discuss the problem with his family or he gets angry and speaks rudely. In first case there is all probability of finding solution as his wife or children might help him by offering their savings or they may defer the payments, if possible. In second situation, all worst things will come out if the wife does not tackle the situation cleverly. His rude behavior will upset the wife, who may get rude to either her in-laws or children, and the whole family’s peace mind will go away. Although such frustration will not resolve the problem rather it will contribute in destroying the peace of mind of other family members too.
Now if in second situation the wife is intelligent and calm and tackles the situation then the question arises, how long she will be able to tolerate such behavior and how long she will be able to tackle the situation calmly? She is also a human being and works 24/7*365 days. She also gets tired and might feel like having holidays. She might also feel bad at various point of time due to the behavior of husband, children, in-laws, her parents or other relatives. Tolerating all such odds, for years together, and that too without any reaction may lead to bursting situation and it may happen any day.
So, as a family we must keep a tab on our behavior and situation and act prudently and intelligently to tackle such situation. The best thing may be to control your frustration and not to allow it to destroy your peace of mind or at least of your family. If the second worst situation comes where the wife loose her temper then you must remember that she has been tolerating your rudeness for so many years and hence is paying back and hence, being a good businessman, just accept it with a smile and try to pacify her by feeling sorry. Please note, at that time you must forgo your EGO to bring peace of mind back to your family which is your utmost duty.

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