Question: Why I should register on this website?

Answer: If you are facing problem or issue, which you don’t want to share or discuss with anyone, you can share here without disclosing your identity. You should use a user name which keeps your identity secret.  

Question: What services I can avail on this website?

Answer: Here, you can share and discuss your issues/ problems, comment on issues/ problems shared by others, read articles/ write ups/ blog of experts or experienced persons and seek advice of expert.

Question: Which topics are covered for discussion?

Answer: You can discuss issues relating to family, parental, education/ study, youngsters’, health, self-guilt, work/ job related, behaviour/ emotional or social.

Question: What information is required for registration?

Answer: Presently, you are required to give your active email id for registration and choose a unique user name. Your email id is used to communicate with you and to provide information or advice sought. You can choose to receive updates regarding replies received on your post.

Question: What are the charges for availing services?

Answer: Except expert advice relating to medical, legal, astrology, counseling, all other services are free of cost. For seeking expert advice, you may be required to pay professional charges as prescribed by the concerned professional. Even, expert advice on general matters or issues not covered under above heads may be provided free of cost.

Question: How to avail above services?

Answer: For availing any of the services, you are required to register yourself first. After registration, you can discuss, share and post your issues/ problems/ query in discussion forum under the concerned head and read the articles/ write ups/ blogs posted on website. For seeking expert advice, you can post your issues/ problems/ query through contact us option.

Question: How much time it takes to receive reply?

Answer: Answer to your queries posted in discussion forum, depends upon active participation of other subscribers. In case of expert advice, we try to respond to your queries within 24 hours, but not later than 72 hours.  

Question: How I can upload articles or write up on this website?

Answer: If you are interested in writing articles/ write up or blog on our website you can approach us by submitting your query/ write up through “Contact Us”.

Question: Does any fee/ charges paid for writing article/ write up or blog?

Answer: Presently, we are not paying any fee or charges for writing articles but we planning to honour the writers by presenting gifts on the basis of number of likes/ dislikes to their write ups.