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The lesson from this incident is also for the person who is facing such problem or issue. Some issues are such which one can share with anyone and some are of the nature which can’t be discussed, as the sufferer thinks so. The crux is we need to become extrovert and to take extra care of introvert person. Though, an extrovert person can also face similar situation where he/ she do not want to share his/ her problem with anyone. Another point is to find out the reasons which make the person feel so depressed. Western life style, nuclear families, reduced emotional attachment may also be reasons for feeling solitude. Joint families not only help in having a high emotional quotient rather also keep the moral high because the person is aware that the whole family is there to support him/ her in case of any problem. If we see carefully, mostly such incidents occur due isolation, feeling of non-attachment, least emotional quotient. An emotional person is more prone to such illness. Earning money is important but we all need to revisit our relations to access the emotional quotient, family bonding and trustworthiness for sharing each and every problem with each other.