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Yes, I also agree. It’s really tough task to handle children these days. But I am of the firm belief that if parents become friendly with their children and at the same time remain careful then problems can be sorted out. Actually we expect from children but we never try to mould according to new generation. Parents should also understand the new generation and in many things if we will adjust and understand then certainly the children will also adjust with parents on certain occasions. Parents should not stick to the old phrase, “HAMARE JAMANE MEIN….” Children are of tender age and parents are grown up so they should try to make the child comfortable. Take time before reacting. Every child is different and needs to be handled differently. Time is the problem. Parents don’t have time to spend with their children then how n when they will share their routine with them. We should not expect from children to share their problem directly unless we spend time with them, play with them, help in their studies, etc.

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