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It appears that the family of your husband has done all this in a planned manner but the question here is, how you met your husband? Who was mediator? Was the mediator aware of these facts? Your inlaws, even though educated are greedy, as told by you and such greedy persons must be taught a lesson.
In present circumstances, the best you can do is to involve the mediator who suggested this family and if no mediator is there then you must take help of his brother or some other relative.
If they don’t agree to sit than the way of approaching women cell may help you a lot. File a complaint with full details of every coercive incident, misbehave, demand of dowry etc. Don’t forget to mention the truth. It will help the women cell in resolving your issue in better way.
Still, if your husband is not ready to accept you than further action may be planned. Hope our advice will be helpful to you.

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