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I have read all the above suggestions which are good. I have prepared a detailed chart of my expenses and income. Although in normal days we all have more income and less expenses and face no issues but keeping in view this pandemic and revenue during last three months I feel that my income/ collection or revenue may fall in coming months. Actually in my opinion the real impact on revenue will be seen in coming one year. Everyone is facing shortage of funds and that will create more problems.
In view of above we must do proper financial planning. We might be required to even postpone or defer our investment plans during coming one year to meet up the expenses. We must also try to curtail each and every expense and save more money because the coming one year may be difficult for us.
As suggested above by one of the friends we must strive to earn more income by providing additional services. If after doing all above things we still face some issues than we can go for availing short term loan but with utmost care and keeping in view the repayment capacity because ultimately it is to be repaid by us only.