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Dear friends, it is good to discuss the burning topic How to handle business after Covid 19…..it is really a optimistic and advance approach to think and discuss like this….according to me this word *after* must be replaced with the word *During*….now the question arises how to handle the business during Covid 19. In this regard the trading world has been changed and now we should have to come out with new approach and ideas. Online business and trading practises are more opted now a days… Rest one thing is very clear that it will take another 1-2 years to get rid of this panedemic completely and we néed to sit and decide every aspect of life in family and should have accurate and clear budget while taking into consideration our future savings and also something for the rainy season in life…..I know this is hard time but I learnt a lot from this….I have so many issues and topics now, to tell to my coming generation to keep in mind during their life, all those that I haven’t took into consideration. Be optimistic and have faith in you and discuss every idea or khurafaat with your loved one, which are coming in your mind to stay away from depression.
Let this year be a year of SURVIVAL only…..stay unite with your family and I am sure you can conquer this monster…Covid 19.
Stay home stay safe.