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I too agree. Bilkul sahi kaha parents ko khud ko bhi bacho ke liye time nikaalna chaiye aur sath hi bacho ko bhi thoda adjust karna chaiye. After all, taali ek hath se nahi bajti. I want to share my experience. Kya pata kise ke sath bhi yeh chiz hoye. My parents too used to be a bit strict and I thought of not sharing anything with them because maybe I was afraid that they would scold or my thinking that they won’t understand stopped me. But now, from past one year, I seriously saw a change in my parents behavior. They are so open to me and it seems like I have two friends with me all the time with whom I laugh, I fight and sometimes don’t talk for hours. But still, they come and then make me laugh and everything goes so well. Touchwood,it is really so good to feel this vibe when your parents no longer be those strict ones or the ones from whom we are scared. Kids aren’t that mature, so I guess parents should take a step forward in it which would do good to both parents and their children.