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Dear Yuvi, your concern is right. As you said that you have made your efforts to convince her but could not succeed then being her younger brother in law, you should talk to her in friendly manner. First try to find out the reason for which she wants to get separated. You should also look into yourselves as to, is there anything lacking on your part? I am just giving you some options. I do not mean whether she is right or you people are right. Just see the situation from other’s point of view. May be you get an answer.
And inspite of analysing the situation as above, you reach to the conclusion that she is unnecessarily creating all this fuss then …..
Some girls don’t realise the benefits of being in joint family. It’s their hard luck and the child, who will not get love n affection of her grand parents.
Instead of thinking that she has got parents at her in law’s house as well, some girls think otherwise that if we have left our parents behind then why should their husband should have the opportunity of Living with his parents.
You can also take help of somebody who matters in her life. Might be she understands if somebody close to her advises her to drop such a bad idea of getting separate from in – laws.