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Dear RSharma

According to your updated post it seems that you can get rid of this situation in a planned manner, if you wish so but mind it that you need to be strong enough and remain firm on your decision.
It is good that the lady is not creating any trouble in your marriage. Now act carefully and look for a girl who is more beautiful than your bhabhi and spend time to know and understand her nature. I know it is difficult but you have no other choice because you will keep comparing your wife with this lady after marriage and in case you do not find her better you may regret on your decision.
Other way is prepare your mind that every person has his/ her own qualities and accordingly if your heart and mind agree for not comparing these ladies than go a head for marriage. After marriage things will start turning around and if you manage the things intelligently i.e. avoiding this lady and giving your wife everything, you may lead easy life.

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