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Raj Tiwari

First love yourself. Everybody is different. God has not made even two persons alike. If others have some qualities then you also must have some qualities which you are over looking due to your present attitude. Excess of everything is bad. Some people think so high of themselves n are arrogant n on the other side you are feeling miserable as good for nothing. It’s not right at all. Come on. It’s just not possible that you don’t have any talent. Everybody has one or the other. It’s just that you are unable to see due to your miserable feelings. Leave company of persons who let you feel miserable. Do such things in life which give you happiness.
Everybody has weaknesses. You are not alone. But some manages to hide their weaknesses n you are punishing yourself with such feeling. Let it be, dost. Don’t worry about what people says. You know, “kuchh toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna….” So be a good chal, leave such feelings aside, boost up your spirit high n start afresh. Love yourself. You are the best creature of God. He will feel bad that you are not respecting His creature.
I am damn sure that you must be having lots of qualities but it’s shielded. You are infact not treating your qualities as qualities but you think very high of qualities of others. Just find out. You will be having many n work on them. Don’t waste your time to imbibe qualities of others rather work on your qualities and become like a star.
Hope you will not punish yourself with such feelings anymore. Yessss, begin with high spirit n love yourself.