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Raj Tiwari

Question – Gurudev, what should be the way one should look at life in general?

Gurudev(Sri Sri Ravishankar) – Life is 80{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} joy and 20{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} misery. But you hold on to the 20{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} and make it 200{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503}. It is not a conscious act, it just happens. Living in the moment with joy, alertness, awareness and compassion is enlightenment.

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