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Dear Subscriber

It seems that you have become a habitual -ve thinker. Pls dear come out of this. In this world where more than 700 crore people are living, how many are living a life like you? What is lacking in your life? Just think, how much the God has given you. Compare yourself with people who are living a miserable life. Looking at your queries, it seems that you belong to a well to do family. So, if the God has given you a life, which is far better than half of the world’s population, why don’t you thank God? and if it is so then it is also certain that the God must have awarded you exclusive qualities too. You need to find out and concentrate on your good qualities, instead of those for which you blame yourself. Be positive and if you still feel otherwise, then do submit your complete details thru services/ counselling, so that we can know more about you and your circumstances and can find out reasons for your problem. Hope this would be helpful to you. Pls do share this website in your circles.