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    Shaina Sharma

    When I was in 2nd class, I stole a chalk because the colour of the chalk was so attracting. I was a kid and i wanted to become a teacher. Chotte hote lagta tha yeh konsi chalk hai mam ki jo itni smooth hai or itne ache colours hai, toh ek baar jab class khaali thi toh ek chalk jo ki badi thi vo meine utha li or ghar aakr usse likha. It might be a small or negligible guilt for some but yeh chotti si baat bhi kaafi chubti hai

    Raj Tiwari

    Dear Shaina, the act of yours committed in class 2nd ,i.e., might be at the age of 6 or 7 years, can’t be termed as stealing chalk. Although if our child would do something like this then we will certainly make him/her understand that never take anything without permission but in the heart of our heart we will know that this act was just out of curiosity. You were curious at that time to know how it feels like to hold such colourful chalk and write with it. At this point of time when you have grown up, you should not bother yourself. Rather your should understand the mentality of child.


    Hi Shaina,
    Thanks for sharing your concern with us.
    There are many aspects to your concerns. Often its seen that it’s not only about a particular situation but also about the person himself/herself and many others involved in the situation.
    Firstly: It’s a thought or a guilt? As in, I could not find any aspect of guilt in the above statements.
    Second: In case you feel anything (chotti si baat bhi kaafi chubti hai). Can you elaborate what exactly hurts you?
    Third: Is there anything else too that bothers you till date? (chotti si baat bhi kaafi chubti hai).
    In case you want to maintain the confidentiality you can reach out at drnidhicmc@gmail.com

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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