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    My husband is a good person at heart but he is short tempered. Although he gets normal after some time or even immediately after short altercation but I seek advice from all friends to help him in controlling his anger.


    Try to find out the reason behind his anger, it may be tiredness, restlessness, family issue, financial or otherwise.

    and become his safe box/mirror image.
    He must feel safe to while sharing anything secret with you.Become his good friend first. it may help u.


    Yes, true. Find out the reason. It will help you to solve the issue. Sometimes a person’s behaviour is like this due to some past events or childhood events.
    I have also faced similar problem a few years ago. I tackled it tactfully because my partner had told me past life. I became considerate and tackled lovingly.
    It’s also good that your husband becomes normal soon. I think you should remain calm while he is angry. It will not trigger his anger. With passage of time, he will realise and will change his nature. Also you try to make him understand that he is harming himself by getting angry but do it when he is calm.


    Dear Manisha ,
    May be it’s right that there is some reason but some time it’s in nature,my nephew is also very short tempered ,his wife keep telling me “kal choti si baat pe gussa karne lag gye main toh chupchap door ja ke koi kaam karne lag gyi 2 minutes ke baad wapas aa ke baat ki, kyun itni choti baat per itna gussa, aaram se bhi baat kar sakte the maine kha tab chup ho gye ,un ki marriage ko 18 years ho gye dheere dheere bahut change aa gya ,wo bhi bahut accha hai bas gussa control nhi hota, lekin us ki wife us ko gussa aata hai toh ekdum short answer kar ke kahin aur ja ke jaise kitchen mein ya kahin bhi kuch kaam karne lagti hai us se us ki wife ko puri baat nhi sunti jis ke kaaran wo bhi gussa nhi karti aur kuch hi minutes mein sab normal ho jata hai,try this and we can talk further on this topic , this is very normal Manisha don’t worry , the best side which you told is his nature,if he is good then else will be ok.

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