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    We have created this topic for all corona warriors so that they share their experience. Their views will help other corona patients to get motivation and come out as a fighter.


    Very good initiative. In this regard I would like to inform all friends that we took all precautions during first wave but still we got in contact of virus in October. When we came to know that a person has been diagnosed as covid +ve we immediately got ourself tested and started medicines as prescribed by doctor. Here it is pertinent to nite that we were consuming tulsi, haldi, kada etc. and that may be the reason that I had not faced much trouble. I was having fever and lost taste which came back within week. So my advice to all is to have positive thinking and take all measures/ medicines as prescribed.


    बहुत सही किया आपने क्यूंकि बाकी सभी जगह सिर्फ नेगेटिव बातें हो रही है। यहां ठीक हो चुके लोगों के विचार पढ़ के लोगों को होसला मिलेगा।


    सही बात ये है कि जितनी जल्दी इलाज शुरू हो जाए उतनी समस्या कम होती है इसलिए कोई भी सिमप्टम हो तो तुरंत डॉक्टर से सलाह लें और दवाई शुरू करें।

    Raj Tiwari

    Initially I got fever and we thought that I am suffering from throat infection as I had consumed chilled butter milk. But when my fever continued then I got myself checked for corona and it came out to be positive. Had I got myself checked earlier then it would have been better to recover soon. Fever for so many days made my body more weak.
    I would suggest everyone to immediately get checked for corona as soon as any single symptom is seen. Earlier diagnosis will make recovery faster n will save from making the case more serious.
    There is no reason to fear from this disease. Start medicines prescribed by doctor n check oxygen regularly.
    I pray to almighty to save everyone n normalise the circumstances.


    I have gone through this phase. I would just say that when you are diagnosed positive then make everything around you positive. Medication, home or ayurvedic treatment is all ok but above all you need to keep mind set positive n stress free. It will make the battle easier.


    We got infected by this virus as soon as we visited out of station. The best thing for us was that we had my maternal uncle to advice us who is luckily a renowned doctor. He treated our family thru telecon and we recovered within 14 days without any complication, with the blessings of god. I wud suggest all friends to remain positive and dn’t allow negative thinking overtake ur emotions. Take medicines with +ve mindset. Ayurvedic remedies and yoga help u recover fast. Best of luck.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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