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    i have always felt like the grass was green on the other side but lately it hqs become nore intense i always find ways to degrade myself in comparison to other ppl or situations one or the other way and then feel depressed about it and cry for hours on a stretch i ave no self confidence or self respect i feel like i dont have any talent in me and will always be a faliure in my life…i knoe this us toxic but cant help itn..pls suggedt sonething

    Raj Tiwari

    First love yourself. Everybody is different. God has not made even two persons alike. If others have some qualities then you also must have some qualities which you are over looking due to your present attitude. Excess of everything is bad. Some people think so high of themselves n are arrogant n on the other side you are feeling miserable as good for nothing. It’s not right at all. Come on. It’s just not possible that you don’t have any talent. Everybody has one or the other. It’s just that you are unable to see due to your miserable feelings. Leave company of persons who let you feel miserable. Do such things in life which give you happiness.
    Everybody has weaknesses. You are not alone. But some manages to hide their weaknesses n you are punishing yourself with such feeling. Let it be, dost. Don’t worry about what people says. You know, “kuchh toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna….” So be a good chal, leave such feelings aside, boost up your spirit high n start afresh. Love yourself. You are the best creature of God. He will feel bad that you are not respecting His creature.
    I am damn sure that you must be having lots of qualities but it’s shielded. You are infact not treating your qualities as qualities but you think very high of qualities of others. Just find out. You will be having many n work on them. Don’t waste your time to imbibe qualities of others rather work on your qualities and become like a star.
    Hope you will not punish yourself with such feelings anymore. Yessss, begin with high spirit n love yourself.

    Raj Tiwari

    Question – Gurudev, what should be the way one should look at life in general?

    Gurudev(Sri Sri Ravishankar) – Life is 80{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} joy and 20{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} misery. But you hold on to the 20{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} and make it 200{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503}. It is not a conscious act, it just happens. Living in the moment with joy, alertness, awareness and compassion is enlightenment.

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    Dear Subscriber

    It seems that you have become a habitual -ve thinker. Pls dear come out of this. In this world where more than 700 crore people are living, how many are living a life like you? What is lacking in your life? Just think, how much the God has given you. Compare yourself with people who are living a miserable life. Looking at your queries, it seems that you belong to a well to do family. So, if the God has given you a life, which is far better than half of the world’s population, why don’t you thank God? and if it is so then it is also certain that the God must have awarded you exclusive qualities too. You need to find out and concentrate on your good qualities, instead of those for which you blame yourself. Be positive and if you still feel otherwise, then do submit your complete details thru services/ counselling, so that we can know more about you and your circumstances and can find out reasons for your problem. Hope this would be helpful to you. Pls do share this website in your circles.


    Thanks for sharing your concern with us.
    There are many aspects to your concern. Often it’s seen that it’s not only about the person himself/herself particularly but also about the situation and many significant others involved in the situation.
    We all are unique and are endowed with different life situations too. So we can’t really compare grass is greener on which side though…….
    But it’s certain that the frequency and intensity of such thoughts now isn’t under control any more so approaching a professional help ASAP will be definitely beneficial.

    In case you want to maintain the confidentiality you can reach out at drnidhicmc@gmail.com

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