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    My friend’s son studying in 12th class has eloped with a girl. It has been 3 days now n both are still missing. I fail to understand as to what provoked these children to run away at this age? Today’s generation is not so dumb to understand that what will they do after eloping in this manner and at this stage of their life. How long they will be able to stay like this with so little money and no shelter and no job.
    I am really concerned about my friend as to how she must be feeling and how desperate she must be to see her son. Also it’s a matter of great concern that why this boy eloped with a girl at such an age when children are so concerned about their future in this age and generation. How both the children are surviving?
    Both the children belong to well to do families. I think there must be some grown up boys/girls who have supported or rather provoked them for such action.
    Guys we need to see as to with whom are children are getting close to. I hope that my friend may find her son soon. But the question of great concern is how to take care of our adolescent children.


    Absolutely right. Today’s generation is impressed by the movies, tv serials showing such things where minor children gets attracted towards each other. Another problem is in social media platforms. If the parents try to keep a tab on the activities of children they revolt in the name private space. The only thing which parents should do is to be friendly with children. Actually we r facing problem because of our shyness to talk about everything including relationships. On the one hand the social media is publishing everything which provoke children and on the other hand we dont tell our children about such things due to shyness. Since it is not possible to keep children away from such things the only way out is to awaken them about such things with the help of friends and relatives. Now the prime motive is to search the children and then counselling will be the last resort.


    Dear Friend as the government has increased the age of marriage for girls to 21 now this problem should not arise as by that age the girls will be more sensible.

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