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    i am facing this issue from last 5 years. i am suffering from this but when i look at my parents they have very big guilt that their son is gay so i am also feeling same from last two years how to overcome this?
    i don’t want to marry but because of them i sometimes think to get marry so please guide me how i will proceed my life?

    Raj Tiwari

    First help yourself. Accept yourself. Don’t be in guilt. It’s natural. God has made different types of people. Nothing wrong in it. Give your parents some time to understand and accept this. If your feelings remain same and you marry then you will be ruining life of yourself, your partner and ofcourse, of family members of both sides. Please don’t do this in any circumstances. The girl will come with lots of dreams about new married life and her partner, which will be shattered after knowing the truth. Instead of coming under pressure, make efforts to convince your parents.


    If you are having such feelings then you must consult a psychological counselor to ascertain exact reason. Sometimes your feelings are not correct and later on life you may feel otherwise. First check ur sentiments, feelings about girls. Do u hv attraction towards girls? IF you get attracted towards beautiful girls than your case may be a different one. I have read such cases where gay and lesbians, living together parted ways after a few months. They came to know that they were not what they believed to be, after spending sometime. So, to ascertain your feelings towards beautiful or sober girls spend time in their company and if still u feel like this then consult some expert. You can avail such services thru this website also, if you don’t want to hv face to face interaction.

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    I agree to bond007 you first check your self ,for sometime don’t meet any such person and watch your self if you are attracted to girls,meet only your friends who are girls and then watch your feelings .Tell your parents to give you sometime . Don’t feel guilty in any case if after watching for sometime still you feel like gay then you can tell your parents . Firstly when you will be sure then we talk further ,be sure what you want then we will discuss again , Don’t worry everything will be sorted.


    Thanks for sharing your concern with us.
    Your expression of being a gay is very shaky. We all have different life situations. You need to understand that your own life situation can only be handled by you asper you.
    Seems you are undergoing severe psychological conflicts. Kindly consider taking a professional help ASAP, that will be definitely beneficial in your case.
    In case you want to maintain the confidentiality you can reach out at drnidhicmc@gmail.com

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