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    this happend almost 8 years ago but still haunts me …we when to rishikesh for a trip.the flow of ganga was perticularly strong that day.my family and me were bathing on one of the ghats when suddenly 2 boys came to our side i knew by the look they were flirting and i smiled suddenly one of the boys came beside me and jumped in ths river at that time i didn’t knew but he touched my leg and i freaked out and blushed him away.seconds later he was drowning the ghat was crowded that they but everyone was indifferent suddenly my mom shout to warn about the drowning boy but he was gone before she could finish her sentence…i somewhat feel guilty ever since that incident i even have nightmares of the incident and feel like i could have saved him this is the first placed i am coming open about it and probably the only….its not that i want you guys to show condolences but just wanted to let it out



    The sole motto behind development of this website is to provide a platform to all, so that they can share their issues/ problems including such self guilt issues, which they are unable to share with anyone.
    Hope you might be feeling light and relaxed after sharing /spilling this self guilt feeling out. Pls rest assured that everyone has his/her own self guilt, which keeps on haunting him/ her. Please do share your experience about this platform with others so that they can also get out of their problems.
    Pls do write us if you need any help from us.


    Thanks for sharing your concern with us.
    Everything happens for a reason… rather than fight it, let fate take its course.
    Seems you are undergoing many psychological conflicts. Kindly consider taking a professional help ASAP, this will be definitely beneficial.
    In case you want to maintain the confidentiality you can reach out at drnidhicmc@gmail.com


    It’s good that you shared your mind. Perhaps this platform is meant for this purpose only. You will feel relieved now. I am really happy that you spoke your mind. You rightly said that sometimes we don’t need condolences and want somebody to just listen what we say.


    Good place to share self guilt when you cant share it with anyone.. It relieves from tension and one feels much relaxed more so when some positive comments come in. Here you was not not at fault in any case and any one in your place would have done same thing so leave it and move ahead.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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