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    i was diagnosed with depressin and hade severe anxiety attacks nearly 4-5 months ago when i told my parents they tore the doctor’s prescription and threw the medicine away now i dont have those severe symptom but nearly rwice or thrice in a month i would get triggered but even a small event and cry on a stretch for 3-4 days day and night then become normal this cycly has been going on and on am i still depressed



    First of all, don’t feel as if you are the only person who is suffering from such problem. Many people are suffering from such problems and more strange is the fact that they are not aware of it.
    Secondly, the point is you need to find out the reason which triggers your anxiety. Your parents were not wrong because generally the people don’t understand this problem. You need to tell your parents, exactly what you feel so that whenever you face such situation they can help you out. There are few things which may be helpful to you:
    1. Start doing yoga and pranayam as they are most beneficial
    2. Do physical exercise
    3. Plan your routine to keep yourself busy
    4. Whenever, you feel that something is triggering, you just try to engage your mind in the things which you enjoy the most
    5. If you don’t feel like engaging yourself, just start running, jogging or brisk walking
    6. Watch motivational videos and read good books.
    Please not this is not an expert advice because you have posted your query on discussion forum. If you want expert advice, please post your query through Services/medical or counselling because for that more details may be required. Do provide full information about you such as name, gender, age, what you are doing, any addiction, any other medical problem, the reason you know etc.
    Do keep writing us further, if you need our help. We hope the above points will be helpful to.


    Now a days many persons are going through this problem first of all I advise you don’t worry if you were feeling better with medicine which was given to you by doctor and only because you feel that why should I take medicine Am I sick , don’t think like that take medicine prescribed by doctor and then side by side do exercise and yoga both,slowly doctor itself reduce your dose and then stop your medicine when you started feeling better , never stop exercise and yoga .I met people who went through this problem and now they are absolutely fine .Make a busy schedule for yourself , don’t sit idle and alone do anything you like painting , dancing ,singing, watching TV Engage yourself in the activities you like.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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