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    Shaina Sharma

    Parents these days, try hard to make their children feel comfortable in sharing their problems or any sort of issues. In some cases, they are able to communicate well with their children but some times, parents are not able to understand our point of view. Whenever there comes a topic which is contradictory, parents fail to understand their children’s point of view. They get struck on their opinion and want us to understand their opinion but when we expect them to do the same, they stop us by saying that do not argue, bado se zubaan se ladaate. Matlab humara opinion? Uska kya? What matters is only their opinion? They say, that they understand us, they would help us, but when we ask them for help, they don’t understand our view. Jis reason ki wajah se vo problem huyi uss reason ko khatam kar dete hai, problem ko nahi. It sometimes, makes the situation difficult for the children to make them understand our point of view. No matter , how many times they say that they understand, but they wont be able to cope up to that extent. No offense, they are the most important part of our life but this situation is really irritating sometimes.


    Yes, I think in many cases, it happens. Basically, we still have conservative atmosphere in families. People say they are modern but one should be first modern and open in thinking and thereafter in other matters like clothes n all. Actually parents forget that they have also gone through the same phase in their childhood or adolescent age. If parents will listen carefully and discuss the issue properly then children will find a good friend in parents and that will be a superb equation. Nobody than parents can better understand and suggest solution for any problem or issue.
    I think children should also know their parents as to how, when and in which manner the issue should be discussed with parents.
    One more thing, the issue can be discussed in presence of such person who matters to your parents, who can convince them. Also, if something is refused or said otherwise by parents then children should also give a second thought about what they are saying.
    If parents stick to their opinion then children should calmly discuss the issue step by step and make them aware of present day circumstances with all the positive points. Parents are always bothered about safety of their children so child should convey from that aspect also.
    Whatever the outcome may be, children should discuss each n every issue with their parents as nobody else is as great well wisher of a child than his/her parents. Do not lose hope and keep trying to make them understand your view point. Keep patience and try to make them understand from another angle.


    It also depends on how much you are open to your parents in some families more restrictions on the other hand in some families children are very much open to their parents . Firstly you should have to ask your self if you are 100 percent sure that you are right in what you are saying or asking your parents to do then go n talk to either your mother or your father first to whom you are more closer .If one of them understand then he or she will convince the other,Try it and tell we can discuss further,have a nice time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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