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    My family had been a congress supporter and voter since independence, till 2014. After watching the working of Modi government, it’s decision taking capacity, the stories about gandhi family over social media, I have developed hate sentiments against gandhi family. I feel pity to see that the congress leaders behaving like slaves of gandhi family. Don’t they have any capable leader to lead the party, except Rahul? When I hear Rahul, he literally behaves and talks like a pappu. I never feel that he is a leader who can become PM. Why the congress leaders are behaving like deaf and dumb by not listening to public sentiments? Why they are not accepting the truth that the gandhi family’s action in past have ruined India? Why they try to cover up each and every devil act of gandhi family?
    According to them the only smartest and capable leader in congress is Rahul Gandhi. If it is so, then should we handover the reins of our country to a party which has a stupid and idiot person, as smart most and capable to lead them.
    I am very frustrated with these leaders and can’t resist myself from abusing them, pls help.


    Dear Radhey, your frustration is genuine. We can very well see the efforts and intentions of Modi govt. Your sentiments with Congress party was in past when it did well but now they do not have eligible successor. One should not stick to a party when it has lost its credibility and we see no ray of hope in near future. When the ruling party is doing well then we should appreciate wholeheartedly. It is about leadership which congress does not have.
    And remember, the nation is above all, so we should always support those who are taking our nation in right direction. We have gained so much respect on international platform just because of our present leader and there are so many other things, for which we can feel proud of.
    So cheers to BJP and to our great leader. BJP is what it is, just because of our present leader. So don’t get disappointed as change is the law of nature.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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