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    i have a friend who is disturbed due to her mother in law. my friend wants her to stay with her as my friend is working in MNC and she has a 4 year old daughter. but her mother in law is not ready to leave her native place though she is leaving alone because my friend’s father in law has passed away 5 years back. her mother in law says that she will come when she will be unable to manage things on her own. every now n then both my friend n her husband have good fight over this issue. please suggest any solution that what should my friend do.

    JK Tiwari

    Mother in law should come immediately to live with her children because she has lived her life nicely and now she should live with her children if they want it so earnestly. she will have comfortable atmosphere along with good company of her grand daughter. These are my views, others may disagree.


    I agree that mother in law should come but ,May be there is anything else ,which we don’t know ,any such problem that restrict her to come n live with her children.The Son and Daughter in law must talk to her open minded, May be then they will come to know the problem and if it can be solved then they can live together.


    I feel that they are not sharing a good relationship and also have a problem in understanding each other. U need to read the article “Sanatan and Western Culture”. Your friend need to discuss the issue with her MIL in detail and tell her clearly that relationship always works when it is on mutual basis. Unless one reciprocates in same manner, the other can’t carry it too far. If she does not understand the needs of her children/ grand children now, then she should not expect anything from other side too. There is no logic in having arguments with spouse.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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