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    Aaj kal Parents ki ek bahut badi problem hai bacche dusre city mein job ke liye jate hain aur parents kah dete hain,beta pehle tum settle ho jao hum baad mein aa jayenge aur bahut sare parents ka wo BAAD kabhi nhi aata,is ke reasons hain.Hum ek uncle ko jante hain jin ke 3 sons aur 2 daughters hai,wo abhi akele rehte hain,reason yahi hai pehle uncle ki wife thi toh dono aaram se rehte the uncle aunty ko bhi aadat ho gyi akele rehne kuch bhi khana ho kahin bhi jana ho koi bandish nhi aur bahu bete bhi comfortable the lekin kab tak.Jab bhi hum selfish ho kar sukh dekhte hain wo hamesha nhi rehta,uncle ke pote,poti ab un se koi attachment nhi feel karte ,aunty ki death ke baad uncle ki life bahut mushkil ho gyi hai,ye jo halaat hain hum khud hi in ka kaaran hain ,pariwar mein responsibilities toh hoti hain , lekin preshani ke samay hum akele nhi hote .Bhagwan Shri Krishan ne bhi kha tha samaaj mein jab karuna nhi rhegi toh dharam bhi nhi rhega ,Aaj kal isiliye old-age homes bhi bahut ho gye hain.


    Very well said and explained madam. we are facing this problem mainly bcoz v hv adopted western culture. Today the children dnt bother to go home during holidays or even festivals and spend time with their parents and that is the reason grand children dnt hv any attachment with grand parents. We must return back to basics for peaceful and happy life.

    Raj Tiwari

    Yes very true. People think that they will lead their life independently till they are hale and hearty but they forget that distance also brings distance in relationship. When grand children live with their grandparents then they get to learn so many things. Moreover, the love showered by grandparents can never be given by parents. In old age, people should give priority to their children’s life and should settle as per their jobs n other responsibilities. Staying together is always good for everyone. Otherwise, son or daughter had to rush to their parents whenever they are sick or in any other untoward circumstances. It’s an irony that some children do not want their parents to stay with them and in cases where some wants their parents to stay together then old aged parents refuse to go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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