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    Nowadays with life turning into a rat race right from getting admission into kinder garten, kids have started taking performance pressure at a very young age which hinders in their development. Specially in India nowadays wherein parents want their child to excel in studies so they can showcase their trophies among their peers which makes the child to focus only on studies at an age when they should have free mind and do as they like. Giving liberty to kids ignites their creativity which has been missing from the current generation. Peer pressure is ingrained at an early age which leads to behavioral changes at a later stage creating problem in tackling the challenges life throws at them.
    We as parents should release this performance pressure and let these budding artists recognise their potential and excel in life.


    I wholly agree and appreciate your point of view. But this is only how you or a small percentage of parents in our country think, rest all have restricted their perceptive to good grades. Parents, in front of all, might showcase themselves as the ones for whom grades wont matter much but deep inside, for them, grades are still the foremost that matters in a child’s life. Mentality takes a lot of time to change and it wont change until every parent and teacher reverse to the actual meaning of education that was laid long time ago.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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