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    It includes all issues/ acts which you are unable to discuss with anyone including your spouse, parents, family, relatives and friends. For example people keep on carrying the guilt of some article stolen by them during childhood or if someone has bad habit which is socially unacceptable.Speak out boldly and spill out your anger, discomfort, anguish, pain and feel relaxed. Half of the problem will stand resolved when you spill out your anger, anguish, pain and share your emotions and feelings and rest will be foregone once someone replies to your query. In case you still don’t feel relaxed you can discuss and share it with the admin through contact us link. Admin will reply you at earliest but not later than 48 hours, in any case, that too absolutely free of cost. Please click on “notify me” to get immediate information when someone replies to your query. Hope you will find this platform worth posting. You can also seek paid expert advice, in case you require so.

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