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    i know, infact we all know that competition in education is on peak in today’s era and every parent want their child to score the best and every teacher want their student to top. But have they both ever saw the perceptive of the children? Parents, to some extent , understand but the school teachers and tuition teachers have gone mad. What they think is that the children are totally free and have nothing else to do except studying. Dont they ever realise that childhood or the teenage is that only time in our life when we can enjoy to the fullest? The only time when have no sort of burden but interestingly, teachers didnt miss the chance. They give hell of work to do from home, besides knowing the fact that we spend 6-7 hours in the school! They think that they are the only ones whose work is to be done and the main point is, they think that giving a lot of homework would help us in getting 100/100 , unfortunately ignoring the fact that doing the work without the average level of concerntration needed is of no use. Do these intelligent people expect us to be that agile and concerntrated throughout the day and doing work like a donkey? Someone please tell these Einstein’s that we too are humans and there is no use of making education a burden on young minds. Can we expect them to stop controlling our routine? Can we get some time to embrace our hobbies? And sometimes, I even came across those people tagged as a child’s second parents [teachers] who themselves taunt the children who play sports and demotivate them and the irony is, when a child wins, they are the first to crave for the appreciation for the ones who encouraged the child to be a part of that sport. These teachers have flipped the definition of schools and teachers , education to the opposite. I highly appreciate them for this change.


    I really pity children for what they are going through. Our education system and schools have made life of a child as hell. Children are not living their childhood, it’s being shadowed by heavy school bags, long school hours, exam pattern, coaching n home work.
    bachpan mein padho, thode bade ho kar achhe college ke liye aur padho, fir competitive exams ke liye padho aur fir company ke targets achieve karne mein lag jao. Three Idiots dekho yaar. khali kitabi gyan se kuchh nahi hona.


    I think all the parents will express same views but nobody is ready to implement the same to his/ her child. Follow what we preach, has just remained a saying. This scene will not change until and unless the government, society, schools, parents, children all are on same page. So, it needs a movement, like swachh bharat abhiyan, to change the mindset of all. A long long movement is need of hour to change the mindset.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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