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    Today’s youth is off the track, instead of enjoying the moments, making memories , and living their teenage, they follow the crowd blindly. What parent’s money used to do was and what they are doing is totally contrasting. Parent’s money are for our necessities and not for our luxuries. But today, every little kid wants an expensive phone in their hand to flaunt, an expensive dress to showcase the better ‘they’, and every possible upgraded thing. Sometimes, the parents even cant afford but just to see their child happy, it makes them burn a hole in their pocket. Is it really needed? Would getting an expensive phone from your parent’s money provide you with the flaunting license or something? Like seriously? Kids flaunt what they dont even got from their pocket as something they literally earned.For those , who think they needs to be diffident just because they are not able to stand with the ongoing trend- friends, its not you who needs to feel uncomfortable or reticent rather you should be the one to stand above and make the ones who flaunts timid.I guess, we all should stand and help the youth change their perceptive and mentality.

    Raj Tiwari

    You are right, dear solace. It has been becoming very difficult to raise a child. Children have become very demanding and aggressive. They copy their friends. We as a parent need to make them understand that every family, every human being are different. One more aspect is that parents want their child to study in a high profile school, no matter whether they can afford it or not. They go out of way to pay their fees. But they don’t understand that besides fee, there are lot many things which will require money and secondly, the fellow students will come from well off families and child would imitate them. So parents should always admit their child in a school which is easily affordable in all respects. A child is very tender and innocent. Parents should lovingly make them understand the ways of life and mind it, our own ways of life should not be contrary to what we say.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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