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    Hello Aakriti

    The terms such as Journalism, Media, Film-making must remind you that you are going to work with the medium that is directly affecting the Masses (People). Thus, It brings a great magnitude of responsibility on your shoulders.

    Journalism to be considered as the voice of the weakest, voice of the marginalized, voice of the unheard-unseen-unbeknownst, and the sheer sorrow and pain of the masses. That gets you in a place where you’ll be experiencing an unprecedented Sense of Responsibility (दायित्वबोध).

    Now there is a thorough division of the streams, you have to explore what is the place you belong to. The answer lies in the question, that is, What’s your purpose for pursuing Journalism? Why you want to pursue it?

    So, this year is a great opportunity for you to explore the dimensions of the very field you are interested in. In order to aspire for Journalism you must get familiar with the History of the world, and Socio-Political background along with the status quo of your country. You must dive in the world of literature, as, a fine piece of journalism demands to be timeless and a great piece of literature.

    And If you aspire for the creative satisfaction, money, fame and everything ideal, then I’m afraid my friend as Journalism is not the place. To satisfy such things there is a whole Commercial Industry running in the name of Journalism (both, Print and Television as well as New Media). This place won’t help you to bring a change.

    Now coming to the second Half of your question, that is, the decision about the course you want to pursue. I think while exploring the Events of Journalism and great Journalists, who even had to pay in terms of their life to bring the truth, after going through it you’ll get what you want to pursue. As it will open various fields such as Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Literature, Law, History and many more.

    True Journalism can never be taught in some school, School will make ground for technical training and will make you understand the Craft and Science of the field. Along with it there’s a suggestion, that is, if you wish you can take a drop after school and go on for backpacking through the country for a complete year. This experience will totally change you. It will make you independent.

    Lastly, remember it all depends on the Rigour of Austerity.

    Suggested Reading –
    1.) Gujarat Files – Rana Ayyub
    2.) The Gauri Lankesh Reader
    3.) Christopher Hitchens
    4.) Hunter S. Thompson
    5.) 10 Days that Shook the World – John Reed

    Suggested Viewing –
    1.) Documentaries of Anand Patwardhan, Sanjay Kak, and explore the Indian Parallel Cinema
    2.) The Post – Steven Spielberg
    3.) All The President’s Men – Alan J. Pakula
    4.) Spotlight – Tom Mcarthy
    5.) Network – Sidney Lumet
    6.) The Insider – Michael Mann
    7.) The Parallax View – Alan J. Pakula

    This is not even the tip of the iceberg.
    Happy Reading! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)