“It is easy to make friends and very difficult to maintain lifelong relations with them”, very commonly said but not understood in its true sense by everybody. Either you can have friends or you can have acquaintances, both of them are precious relations. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, dear friends, let’s understand what is friendship. Two or more than two persons meeting selflessly and remaining in contact of each other is friendship in broader sense but sometimes it is not possible for them to meet or stay connected but even then the friendship goes on, meaning thereby, friendship is a bond which is not seen but it keeps persons connected and they can call of each other whenever they want to without thinking about the period of non-connectivity they had in past.

In my view the above paragraph, is preface of something I am going to write about friendship. The process starts either automatically or by choice but it is the only relationship which never takes shape by sufferance. Now, let me take you to the ancient period wherein we all have heard about friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama and of course of Duryodhana and Karan and last but not the least friendship of Arjun and Krishna. Yes, you rightly have reminded yourself of the ancient stories we have heard about all of them. Should I repeat them, no of course not, because the bond of friendship was the unique feature of their characters and has attracted all of us so much that we remember the characters till today. In the Western world we see a different kind of friendship bond. In the Western world people unite because of their hobbies means the photographer would make friend with a photographer and a painter would make friend with a painter, why, because their hobbies bind them with each other and here in the eastern world, as we all are very emotional we make friendship with almost every person we come across but see the difference, it is happening only now a days I mean, only for last few centuries. Earlier, in the ancient eastern world people were uniting because of their hobbies but as industrialisation took place in eastern world the friendship has become orphan mission mistaken by relation of convenience for taking advantage of each other. Such friendships are not bound to last long and they never. So, friends make friends, selflessly and although appears very rude but keep an exit route if you are fallen in a bad friendship. Let me tell you the bond of friendship evolves over the years and it makes you perfect in that relationship only when both the parties think beyond self-interest. Since meaning of stories we have heard so far, only reminds us of bad friendship or relationship with each other amongst friends, now onwards keep in mind that we will make friends to nurture our hobbies and not for business.

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