I am a self-employed, middle class man. I have recently come to a new place during this pandemic, (the reason behind it, is a long story) leaving behind my profession. It’s frustrating, irritating and depressing to be at home, doing nothing and thinking about future and present, which is taking us nowhere. I am feeling like an alien here.

A few days back, I came across a news where it was aired that one of the leading actor of Bollywood industry has committed suicide and this news was followed by many views and opinions, which are possible under the sky. Certainly, I am affected by that tragic news, was the actor heartbroken? This question came to my mind at once but in the follow up news I came to know that the case was not so. I thought then that these actors are coming from rich class and I still believe so and therefore, they have all the facilities and luxuries available in the world. They can manage everything and can make anything happen for them. But, no, I was mistaken. His death has shaken many beliefs and has forced us to think about every individual around us.

Now after a few days of the tragic news being announced, I feel that the artist in him was an alien in Mumbai. His house was shown on television and we got to know about him as a person and his interests which speaks volume about his tastes and simplicity. It is also informed that he was among the toppers of engineering entrance exam of Delhi University, so his intellect cannot be doubted and the kind of people he was working with, his economic status also cannot be doubted but what can be doubted truly is his emotional immunity. In my view, actor Sushant Singh Rajput was the most energetic and cool actor and yes, now I am talking about is death. The praise which we gave for his films, he deserved it in his social life also. With the charming smile and the boy next door image, Sushant Singh Rajput was a delight on celluloid. Sushant Singh Rajput was different from others. He was hardworking and focused with complete maturity and his commitment was apparent from his track record. His suicide has raised so many questions which I think would not be answered as it’s very difficult to know as to what has shaken his belief in life to the extent that he killed himself. He was full of life then what disastrous had happened which forced him to this extent.

The act of committing suicide has somewhere shaken my belief that success brings everything and therefore, I do not feel that I am an alien now in this new city where I have shifted to. It is always the support system in the family which keeps a person alive and of course, the element of joy has nothing to do with success or failure.  Sushant Singh Rajput was a real human being and a promising actor. We all need to identify with him at some or other point of time. We all leave our roots in search of occupation and he also came from Bihar to Mumbai in search of occupation as an actor. What is left behind, back at home was probably the emotional immunity. Probably he failed to maintain his emotional immunity far away from home.

Come what may, wherever we maybe and whatever the circumstances may be, there is nothing which can’t be undone or repaired or altered. Every problem has solution. We just need to talk about it with our family members, relatives or friends. May it be depression or something else, everything can be handled, if we are together and provide emotional immunity to each other.

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