Today, education of children is the most important and hot topic, which finds place in every discussion. If you see around, you will find that the ladies are much more worried, as compared to their counter-parts, about the education or study of their children. Worry starts immediately after the birth of child. In some metro cities the issue is more serious because, the parents book seat in renowned play schools after paying a huge premium, for their unborn child. The reason for taking such hasty decision is to ensure a confirmed seat, for their children, in the best renowned school of their choice. Is this not a cruel joke? In which direction we are moving?

The parents are taking decision for the future of child who has not born yet. If this is the level of worry, how could you believe that the mother will give birth to mentally strong child, while she herself is in tension. What type of environment, the child is getting while he/ she is in mom’s womb? It is scientifically proven fact that the mother’s condition, during pregnancy, affects the child. That’s why the doctors advice the would be mother to remain calm and happy, take healthy diet, do exercise and read good books etc.

It doesn’t end here. Further the child is burdened with heavy bags and is forced to take tuitions, after the school time so that he/ she secures first position in the class. Parents, particularly the mothers are so conscious about the education of child as if he / she would be awarded doctorate degree in school itself. Children are not allowed to go out of home or play outdoor games. They remain busy either in study or can watch those Saas Bahu serials or cartoons on TV. Where the childhood has gone? Just imagine, a child getting up at 6.00 a.m., going to school, coming back at about 2.30 p.m., fully exhausted, taking lunch and rest till 5.00 p.m., then going for tuitions, coming back and having dinner. When does he/ she get time to enjoy his/ her childhood?

Later on, when he/ she reaches 12th standard, another struggle for scoring 100% marks starts, telling him/ her that no good college will give admission if the score is not good. Again, the fight moves on because he/ she cannot rest after graduation and must get admission either in some university or P.G. college of repute otherwise no one will offer job. Getting admission in reputed university the child, oh sorry, by now he/ she has become a fully grown boy or girl, completes his post-graduation but by then the demand in that profession falls radically and he/ she fails to get good job. In another case, just before the final exam the boy/ girl falls ill and either could not appear, or if appears then could not score well and hence does not receive call from reputed company.

After putting in almost 20 years of hard struggle in procuring a P.G. degree, he/ she fails to get job as desired or dreamt of. 20 long years, just studying and nothing else to do. Even the parents never asked to bring a glass of water. The parents, simply kept on feeding the child with a view that only study pays and if he/she will study seriously he/she will get fat salary, big car and bungalow. He/ she is not allowed to attend marriages or socialize. Now, the point is who is responsible for all this?

Parents never try to find out other hidden qualities/ talent of children, which he/ she may pursue as a career so that the hobby may become profession. Although, now a days, the parents have become more conscious about other things also but the question is, how many? All the parents need to understand that every one cannot do, what Bill Gates is doing. We must inspire the child and give examples but we should stop comparing them with others. Generally, the parents ask about the marks obtained by other students and then, knowingly or unknowingly, at other point of time, give example of that student. This is not correct. We must observe our child, his/ her activities, caliber by allowing him/ her do various things as per interest. If we watch our child carefully, he/ she does show his/ her qualities/ talent, which can become source of earning but we fail to do so.

What the counsellors do to find out the talent of child? They keenly observe the child fora few hours, which we fail to do in years, and tell us about his/ her qualities/ talent. Then whose fault is this, if after having spent so many years with our child, we are unable to judge the qualities/ talent of child?

It would be better if we plan to bring up a good human being, having knowledge about various aspects of life instead of a qualified person who does not know anything beyond, what the books told him. In gurukul system of education, the child learns all the four Vedas which include the whole philosophy of life and a gurukul graduate, is a real-life graduate. He might be lacking in knowledge of languages but as far as knowledge about human life is concerned you cannot beat him. So, in nutshell again, the conclusion remains the same that the day you start following Sanatan philosophy, your life will start moving in right direction.


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