We have a very rich heritage and had very high cultural values, which we have left far behind. Today, we are facing so many issues and problems just because we forgot our traditions and culture.

Our cultural values were so high, that the word of head of family was treated as word of God. No one in the family, used to go against it. Every family was happy and living a peaceful life. They used to face all odds happily just because, they were united and bound by emotions and feelings of respect for elders and love and affection for youngers. The houses were small but hearts were so big that no adversity could affect their relations. During those days, a single earning member used to feed the whole family and that too without showing any pride. All the members were treated at par, without any differentiation on the basis of earning capacity. Children of less earning member were treated equivalent to other children. So, we can proudly claim that we have a very rich heritage and had very high cultural values. 

The Britishers, tried to spoil all our culture, traditions, beliefs, customs, rituals calling them as orthodox. Some Indians, who were impressed with their life style, started following them blindly to have a superiority complex. Many others who, due to various reasons, could not follow them, developed an inferiority complex in themselves. During this period the generation gap widened to the highest level and the ill effects of which became visible, later on in the coming years.

The ill effects of this ruined our culture, traditions, beliefs, customs and rituals. Those who studied more, were more prone to such ill effects. The first and the worst ill effect of this generation gap resulted into division of families. It, not only spoiled our culture of joint families rather diminished the respect, love and affection amongst the family members.

We entered into 21st century 20 years ago. With this change the whole DNA of children changed, as if the God has started manufacturing an altogether different and advanced human beings. Literally speaking, if you compare the children born before the year 2000, with those who are born in or after the year 2000, you will notice a wholesome change in attitude, behaviour, style and mindset. Those who are born before the year 2000 do have some qualities, which, those who are born later on, call as old fashioned or orthodox.

With this, new generation of computer age, which is more impressed with western culture, coupled with the setback received during British regime, the parents are facing difficulty in filling the generation gap. Maintaining balance has become more difficult for parents who are not ready to bend. Even the parents, who are adjusting according to their children, could not carry it so long. They are able to manage only till their children get married.

This generation gap is taking toll in the shape of parents facing various health problems such as hyper tension, anxiety or depression. The major reason is expectation. Parents expect their children to be obedient and respectful. They feel that the children will take care of them during old age, whereas the children want to live their life. They don’t want to spoil their happy moments for parents. The worst case is that, in which parents spend all the life savings on the education and marriage of their children and are forced to become beggars in old age.

Today, children wish to live life in western style and want their parents to fulfil every wish and desire, whether they can afford or not. They forget that, in west the parents do not take so much pain because the education, medical facilities are free for all but in India it is the responsibility of parents. Although, the government is providing free education in schools, but how many children are ready to go there?

In west, the parents take care of child only till he/ she attains majority, after which either the government provides some stipend or they start working, side by side. After the children attain majority, neither the parents nor the children take care of each other. In old age they receive pension and free medical facilities and hence they are not dependent on children but in India it is not so. Everyone has to take care of his/ her maintenance and medical bills during old age, himself/ herself. Even in these conditions, the parents try their level best to fulfil each and every demand of their children, to bridge the generation gap. They change their habits, traditions, culture, ethos, values and even themselves, to suit the convenience of children.

After doing all this, there arise several issues which we may call as parental issues. Generally, the issues are related to habits, such as not getting up early, eating unhealthy or junk food, poor time management, mismanaged rooms, non-seriousness in studies, outing all the time, late night parties, devoting much time outside, having bad company etc. Who will be benefitted, if one does not do above mentioned acts? In 80{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} of families, you may find the above parental issues.

So, what went wrong? We must find out the reason and sort it out because it is going to affect our future generations. In my opinion, we failed to bridge the gap between Sanatan and Western Culture and to find out the middle path. Now, during Covid 19 pandemic, the world has realized that the Sanatan Culture is the best. Everything we used to do has got scientific reasons and logic. If it is so in this case, why we should not adopt all other traditions, rituals, ethos, may be with some modifications and after doing research on them. See, if you take a single step towards Sanatan philosophy and get up early in the morning, many things will improve automatically. You will have enough time to remember God, do exercise, have your breakfast on time etc. and rest will follow.

What to talk about other things, even the most advanced medical science has accepted that the spices we use have the best medicinal properties and are not only preventive but also curative. So, going by this, we must accept that, if our ancestors had this much knowledge of science, then certainly all the traditions, rituals and ethos too were designed on the basis of some logic and for best reasons.

I am sure that, the day we will accept this fact and start following our ancestor’s heritage, we will not only be happy but will become super power in no time. In case it happens, we would be world’s happiest country. 


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