Behaviour/ emotional issues are also a big challenge in today’s life style. It is very difficult to deal with such issues because it is not always other’s behaviour which create trouble for us, but at times, it may be our own issue or behaviour which create problems. The best example of this is “ego”. We all know that it exists and create problems but are unable to control it.  Relationship issues are on rise day by day. The main reason for this is our life style, change in cultural values and ethos. Every one has one or the other problem in his/ her relations. It is not restricted to husband and wife, rather here, we are covering and discussing every relationship and issues arising out of it. Discussing relationship issues and having others opinion, point of view, belief, outlook may help each other in sorting out the problems and issues. Many times the issues are not so big or the solution is very easy but it does not come into one’s mind and here is the point where this platform will help them.

Here we can also discuss about issues related with work/ office/ business. It includes issues arising out of employer-employee, family-partners, employees inter-se, business problems etc. We wish that the subscribers share, discuss and find solution to their problems. Mainly the issues arising at work place are due to difference of opinion, views, attitude etc. So, discussing the issues here, and knowing others view point and outlook about those issues, can help to sort out the problems without hurting any one’s ego.

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