EGO: The main reason for matrimonial problem has been noticed to be ego of life partners. Every person has his/ her own ego which gets hurt due to various reasons.

DIFFERENCE OF OPINION: Every person has his/ her own opinion on different issues/ aspects of life. Where one issue may be of great importance for one person, it may not be so important for the other due to which every person acts differently while facing same problem, e.g. for husband monetary part may be more important than enjoyment and for wife enjoying life may be important than money.

INDIFFERENT BEHAVIOUR: Husband and wife may react differently while facing same problem/ issue. E.g. If husband’s relative is having some problem he will feel more concerned than his wife and vice versa.

EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT: Every human being has his own emotional quotient. Some persons are more emotional and some are more practical. It does not mean that one who is more emotional is not practical but it is concerned with the ratio of being emotional vis-a-vis practical. One may put his emotions first and the other may think practically first, e.g. if some one is sick in the family, one may immediately decide to take leave from work whereas the other person may not do so.

SOCIAL PATTERNS: The other major reason is difference of social pattern. One who is born and brought up in a joint family will always have different thinking than one who is born and brought up in nuclear family. Generally a person born in joint family gives more weightage to relations.

INTERFERENCE: Another well noticed reason for matrimonial problems is interference of family members and relatives. Here it is pertinent to mention that the interference does not result in creating problems every time and everywhere. At many places and many times, it also helps in resolving the problem or reducing the tension amongst the life partners.

RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Relationship management is not restricted to family only. It includes relationship with any one including your family, friends, relatives, social and business circles etc. Managing all the relations at par is a tedious job but one who succeeds in doing so, enjoys harmonious environment in family and society.

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