UPBRINGING OF CHILDREN: It is about the general upbringing and taking care of child from birth. Since it needs full attention and time of parents, issues arise whenever one is not able to or does not devote time or pay attention.

EDUCATION OF CHILD: This is the most crucial and important point. It has been generally seen that the mother is more concerned with the type and standard of school in which her child should go. Problem arises when there are financial constraints.

HEALTH: During childhood health issues also create problems because mother of a child is always (and must be) more concerned and wants it to be on first priority whereas father being unaware about complicacies takes it lightly. Some times it is also noticed that the mother also over reacts to minor issues.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: Although financial security of a child is always on priority of every parent still problem arises due to other emotional or practical issues, e.g. a husband gifting expensive item to his sister instead of bringing expensive toy for his children.

BEHAVIOUR: The children’s rude or arrogant behavior create problem among husband-wife because both keep alleging and hold each other responsible for it.

HABITS: Bad habit of a child is always a matter of concern for parents and the same thing mentioned above happens in this case also.

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