Immunity is the most talked about word/subject these days. Though it’s not that we should be concerned about our immunity only when there is epidemic or pandemic or our body suffers from any disease. Immunity for body should be taken care of on daily basis irrespective of the body being healthy. It’s not such thing which can be developed overnight. It’s a continual process. 

The wholesome meal taken at a time should always incorporate three types of foods, i.e. 1 Body building foods, 2 Energy giving foods, 3 Protective & Regulatory foods. It’s the third category of foods through which we develop immunity. In this article, I will talk only about the third category of foods. The vitamins and minerals required for our body enhance immunity. Though the quantity of vitamins and minerals required for body is very less yet very essential. We need to incorporate these foods not only daily in our diet rather in every meal of the day. Most of the vitamins and minerals are not stored in the body and excess of it is excreted by the body. If we eat reasonably and diligently then our demand for vitamins and minerals is fulfilled very easily. We need not to make extra effort for it. Most of the vegetables, fruits, salads and other accompaniments in the meal provide vitamins and minerals. In addition to it, certain foods like ginger, amla and turmeric also boost immunity and these items are liberally used in every indian cuisine. If we ensure to take seasonal fruits, salads, dry fruits and other accompaniments, daily in our diet, then it would suffice the purpose. As we know, salad can be prepared in various types as per taste, like wise, fruits can also be consumed in the way we like, for example, if somebody doesn’t like eating a banana then it can be consumed in the form of banana shake or with curd as fruit raita. There are very little things which can improve quality of meal and at the same time will enhance the taste, such as, adding a little bit of lime juice to dal or pickle with parantha, khichdi or dal-rice. 

The process of absorption of nutrients in the body is very complex and hard to understand for a common man. Therefore, to put it in simpler manner, one should try to incorporate maximum colours in meal by way of different food items. To make it understand practically, let us assume a meal having following items:

Kidney beans( rajmah)


Cucumber curd


Pumpkin vegetable

The above dishes would have rajmah, tomatoes, onion, green chillies, rice, curd, cucumber, coriander leaves, wheat, pumpkin and onions. It means that the meal would have colours like red, white, green and yellow and it would easily provide all three categories of foods, body-building, energy giving and protective & regulatory foods.

So we should try to incorporate foods of different colours which would provide us all the nutrients. In addition to this, moderation is the thumb rule. To maintain good immunity level, the nutritious diet should be consistent.

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