The conspiracy to demolish and destroy the oldest and strongest culture of world started when the Mughal invaders came to conquer Bharat. Bharat, the richest and oldest civilization in the universe, used to follow the Sanatan Sanskriti which was enshrined in the four Vedas. The Vedas are encyclopedia, defining each and everything about the human beings, animals, birds, earth, sky, forests, rivers, oceans etc. In simple words, you can say that they provide solution to every problem in the universe.

The most astonishing and surprising fact is, who had such vast knowledge about each and everything in this universe. Whatever the NASA or other International agencies are telling us today, after research of decades, is already written or mentioned in the Vedas. The problem is nobody is able to read anddecode it. As and when, they are able to decode any part, they get surprised to see that how the discoveries made by presentday science are mentioned in a manuscript written thousands and thousands of years ago. Does it mean that whatever we are trying to discover now, was already known to someone who wrote Vedas? Yes, it was and the proof of it is in front of us.

We were made to believe that our culture and traditions are orthodox and illogical. Following are the few examples:      

  1. Cat crossing your way: Our parents used to tell us that if the cat crosses your way, while you are on road then you must stop for some time. The logic behind this was, the cat is a very fearful animal and when she sees a person on road, she gets scared and moves or jumpes to either side she feels safe. So, to avoid hurting the animal and save yourself from falling due to her sudden move, you were told to stop and wait till she reaches a safe place. It was merely a logical advice and no superstition was attached to it.
  1. Sneezing: We were told to wait for some time, if somebody sneezes while leaving home. The logic behind this was, while sneezing your heart stops working for a while and so you were told to wait for a few moments so that the heart functioning gets normal.
  1. Throwing copper coin in the water reservoir or river: Our parents used to throw copper coin in the river or pond. Now, the present-day science has accepted that drinking the water kept in copper jug is good for health and this was the reason why our ancestors used to throw copper coin in river or pond. Copper purifies the water and hence the copper coins were thrown with this intention.
  1. Worshipping peepal tree: We were told to give water to peepal and worship it as God. As we all are aware that the peepal tree is the only tree which gives us oxygen 24*7, our ancestors were very well aware about the benefits of this tree. So, to save it from cutting we were told that it is a tree under which God Vishnu takes rest. It was nothing but an attempt to save tree from being axed.

Actually, we were taught that everything is connected with God. Since, the people were not so educated at that time and it was difficult to make them understand the logic behind everything, our ancestors used simple method of connecting everything with God. We being god fearing society used to follow everything connected with God in letter and spirit. 

The invaders used such things to tell us that we are uneducated and orthodox and we believed them whereas factually everything was logical and scientifically proved.

I hope after reading the above points you would appreciate that our old traditions were scientific and logical. If you like this article, please give your feedback to encourage the author to come out with more such articles. Do like and share it, so that awareness amongst youngsters may be created and the propaganda of enemies may be demolished.


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