Self-Guilt means a wrong or unethical act done or committed by a person and about which the sufferer may or may not be aware but which keeps haunting the doer. It includes acts which might have caused loss to others or the doer himself/ herself. An act of stealing some one’s write up and taking credit of writing it, may make that person guilty conscious. In another case one may be cursing himself/ herself for his/ her bad habit.
Self-Guilt is a point which is never talked about, neither amongst the family nor friends, although it is a major cause of depression. Many people feel depressed because of self-guilt till they share the same with someone. Mostly, this issue remains unshared because the person doesn’t want to get himself/ herself exposed. The feeling of, what the people will think about him/ her, stops him/ her from sharing the same with anybody.
Mostly every person in life face such problem, it is a hard fact. According to various psychological counsellors, people don’t share such acts or incidents with others due to various reasons such as feeling shy or guilty, shameful, getting exposed, fear of boycott by society, social stigma etc. etc. Even such persons don’t visit or consult psychological counsellors in this regard for above mentioned reasons.
People pay a very heavy price for acts done or incidents occurred during their childhood or teenage. They feel as if they have committed an act which is unpardonable whereas it is very common for a human being to commit such mistakes and acts due to human nature.
“To err is human” is not a false saying. So, it is better to share, discuss and resolve such issues, as early as possible. When you discuss it with others, you feel relaxed and the haunting memories of such incident/ act, slowly gets faded away from your memory lane.
This platform is a fantastic place to share, discuss and resolve such issue. Here you can also seek help of experts besides views of other subscribers. Don’t worry even if many people give adverse comments on your post, rather in that case ask for help from expert. Many people out of those who post adverse comment are actually hypocrite, who pretend themselves to be the most ideal persons, which they are not.
An act already committed cannot be undone, so, then what is the fun in carrying that guilt and making your life miserable.
So, don’t worry what others say, just share your bad memories and get rid of them to move ahead in life for better future.

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